Relocating from Los Angeles, CA to Cincinnati, OH

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    I am a new grad RN from Los Angeles, California who graduated May 2010. My husband just accepted a job offer from General Electric, so we will be moving to Cincinnati, Ohio in June 2011. Any information you can give provide me with would be of great assistance. How's the job market right now for new grads? i hope its better then out here in LA (each new RN position recieves over 800 applications!!!) What hospitals tend to hire new grads? what is starting pay? Any tips are very much appreciated!!
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  3. by   Loobug
    i graduated in april, passed boards in september, and it's now december and i finally went on my FIRST interview today...which was at a rehab center in dayton, hour away from Cincinnati. Market isn't good for newgrads here either, just because we have SO many nursing school around here. Best of luck in your search. I would start trying to talk to nurse recruiter now.
  4. by   MyChance
    I'm also a new grad from Los Angeles area, was thinking about relocating to Ohio, to be closer to family, how has your job search been going? I've already applied for my license just not sure I still wanna make that move.
  5. by   chansen
    Ohio is a very saturated area (as is most of the Midwest), especially because of the number of nursing schools churning out new grads every few months. Traditionally, those that get jobs out of school are those that networked well during school and had something lined up either because of a current PCA/tech job, or through their clinical rotations.

    That's not to say that people aren't being hired as new grads otherwise, but you can expect a large crowd of new RNs (and seasoned RNs) applying for every listed opening.
  6. by   ShantheRN
    The market in the Cincy area is like any crowded metro area with lots of nursing schools. If what I'm reading on AN and various sites is correct, the only wide open markets are those in very rural areas with questionable weather =(

    It's possible to get hired, but I honestly got my job because I was a PCA here. And even that didn't make it a guarantee. I lucked out.
  7. by   MyChance
    Man, CA is getting to expensive for me...I'm planning a trip to Cleveland/Akron area at the end of the month to try and network before I pack up and move. But thanks for the heads up but it's looking like every where is tough to get in!!

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