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Questions about Hillcrest hospital, OH

  1. 0 Hello everyone!
    I am hoping to move back up to the Cleveland area at the end of this year (2010). I currently work at the Heart and Vascular center in Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton, OH. I have been a BSN nurse for about a year and was wondering how likely it is for me to get a job at Hillcrest Hospital? What is the starting pay? What is the night shift vs day pay? How is the work enviroment? I heard they are opening up a new addition this year? Will this be opening a lot of new RN positions? My husband has just received a job offer up there and our families are both originally from up there so we are also curious about buying a house. We were told the Broadview Heights area is a good place to start but I don't know much about it. If anyone could give me any info on Hillcrest Hospital or the Broadview Heights area I would be very grateful! Thank you!
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    I cannot address pay issues at Hillcrest, as I don't work there, but I know a lot about the hospital, as the nursing school I teach at uses it for clinicals and my husband and mother have been patients there. Hillcrest is the Cleveland Clinic's premier hospital on the east side of town. They have put a lot of effort and money into expanding their cardiovascular services in recent years and are in the midst of a building project that will include new med/surg beds, a Level III NICU and ORs. As a BSN with 1 year of experience, you would probably be looked at very favorably by nurse recruitment.

    Hillcrest is right off of I-271, at the Mayfield Road exit, in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. Broadview Heights isn't a far drive by Los Angeles standards, but it's a bit of a hike by Cleveland standards, where most people have relatively short commutes. Broadview Heights is southwest of the city. There are many lovely areas there, with beautiful homes and good schools. Even though it's a suburb, parts have a bit of a country feel to them.
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    I worked for Hillcrest last year and only left because my hubby decided to stay active duty military. I loved it! I worked with some of the best people. I highly recommend it (3 main is the best)! Good luck!
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    Thank you for your response! Do you know anything about the addition that is opening this year? Do you know when they will start hiring for those position? Also what was the pay rate like? Any info on that would be wonderful! Thank you
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    Hi --

    I cannot speak to the pay scale at Hillcrest, but I can tell you I delivered all three of my children there and found the nursing staff to be excellent and satisfied with their jobs. I live in Brecksville which neighbors Broadview Heights and I must tell you that I would look to the east side of town if I were looking to land a job at Hillcrest or any of the Clinic Hospitals on the east side for that matter. While the drive is not hideous...especially during the times an RN would be going...271 can be treacherous in the winter with white out conditions and accidents galore. I would allow an hour driving time to get to work on any given day. My daughter swims four days a week on the east exit before Hillcrest...and we always allow an hour to get to practice...and this is just swimming..if we are late so what!! Additionally, I am not sure if you have children, but Brecksville/Broadview Heights area is chock full of young families -- not exactly the fun, hip side of town. Before children, I lived in Cleveland Heights -- great restaurants, great nightlife, close to downtown Cleveland etc. Good Luck with your job search -- it seems things are starting to move again in the Cleveland market in terms of hiring.
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    Quote from w158jld
    Thank you for your response! Do you know anything about the addition that is opening this year? Do you know when they will start hiring for those position? Also what was the pay rate like? Any info on that would be wonderful! Thank you

    I don't know much about the addition since they were just putting up the frame when I left but I know that all rooms will be private which is much better than having to deal with the small rooms and roomate issues. I am also not sure about when they will be hiring, I would imagine it would be soon so that they can get some of the May grads. As for pay it is average for the area. I started at 23.00 per hour with $1 shift diff for evenings and $1 on top of that for nights. I however was a new grad so I am not sure what they pay an experienced nurse to start.

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