Questions about getting into cscc nursing program.

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    I was wondering about Columbus State Community College (cscc) gpa requirement. They say the minimum gpa requirement is 2.6. But to be accepted do you have to have a higher one? I was also wondering about the nursing program. What is it like? I haven't really heard anything about it. I only have two classes I need to complete, but I have to wait until next time they accept applications to apply. Then wait a year if I get accepted. I would try another college, but I don't know of any other one. If anyone knows of another one without so much waiting please let me know. Thanks for any help or advice.

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    Chamberlain does not have a waiting list, however it is a little pricey :/
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    Well I'm on financial aid and I don't know if I could cover all the cost with that or not. I don't know much about financial aid, but I can't afford much out of pocket costs. Do you know if Chamberlain is hard to get into? Thank you for your reply without waiting it might be worth checking into.
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    You know I don't know if it is hard or not. The one person I knew who did not get in had terrible high school grades and had previously dropped out of college. I think they look for an well balanced person, you have to meet with an advisor before they put your application before the admitting committee and I think it's almost sort of an interview to get a feel for you. I think if you have strong grades and do well on your entrance exam then you should be good to go. Luckily my parents are agreeing to help pay for it or there is no way my husband and I could afford for me to do it. I can't justify why it's so expensive but I do feel they have a good solid program.
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    Thank you for the information. That's great your parents are helping you. I'm kind of on my own paying for it my mom doesn't have the means to help me. I just don't like the waiting at the less expensive programs, but some really are expensive. I'll look into it and see which is best for me. Good luck to you.
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    I know it's like a catch 22, you have to pay more (it seems) to get into a program without a waitlist, or you wait and pay less money :/ Good luck to you as well!
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    CSCC's traditional program lets anyone and everyone in that meets the minimum requirements. Only the hybrid program is competitive admissions. I graduated from CSCC in December 2012 so PM me if you have any questions about the program.

    Applied July 2010. Admitted September 2010. Started March 2011. Graduated December 2012. I started in traditional and later switched to hybrid.
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    Yeah that's true. I've looked into several programs and it seems if you don't want to wait you have to pay more. Plus the less money ones are very competitive. I really don't like the thought of waiting, so I'm checking into other options. Thank you.
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    My other post was meant as a reply to Insjes I'm new to this site
    @HearNursing3 Well I ask about the program and I was told it was very competitive.I was told there were 425 applications given out for about 100 seats. (for this up coming application period for spring 2013) Students are ranked by GPA and their A2 Test scores. Additionally, those who have more classes done beyond the Admissions Criteria have a better chance. I'm a little worried with that many people applying I won't get in when I do apply. The online program is for those with bachelors degree's I don't have a previous degree. I'm not really sure how to do a PM as I said I'm new to the site sorry.

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