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  1. hi,

    i have a phone interview for a new grad position at the cleveland clinic next week, i was wondering if any of you who've had phone interviews with them (or any hospital) could offer some advice as to the sorts of questions they ask and any way to best prepare? i'm a second career nurse who has recently moved back to cleveland from NYC.

    any advice will really help!
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  3. by   jlee0247
    can i ask how your interview went? i have one next week... thank you!
  4. by   wantccu
    Mine was a recruiter asking basic interview questions (strength, weakness, priorities, etc). Not stressful at all, just a quick conversation and the recruiter was very nice. It's pretty much a pre-screening to make sure you're not an idiot before they set you up to interview with the actual manager. Well, maybe I shouldn't say that - to make sure that you're in line with the basic qualities and interpersonal skills that they're looking for to fit the position.
  5. by   MommyandRN
    lullaby - how did it go? I might be interested in Cleveland clinic.
  6. by   campercass
    I have a phone interview with CC tomorrow! Eek! I am from Ohio, but currently living in Florida. Will they hire based solely on phone interviews? Or will I at some point have to fly in for an in person interview? (If they like me that is)
  7. by   littlenurse21
    I have a similar question as Campercass. When recruiters conduct full phone interviews, are candidates typically hired based on this? Or would they then fly in to meet with a unit manager and take it from there?

    Im sure this varies by employer.
  8. by   lullaby
    so, it took me a little while but i finally landed a great job with the cleveland clinic! to answer your questions about the phone interviews, this is their first step in the process, as far as i know no one is going to offer you a job just from the initial phone interview, which is conducted by HR recruiters, not by nurse managers (who are really the ones who hire you). if you live out of state i have no idea how they handle the next step, but my hunch is that they will not pay to fly you out for an interview, but perhaps if you do end up getting hired maybe they will reimburse you for a portion, or offer some form of relocation assistance. i also know that you won't make it to the second phase of interviews, or be offered a job at all until you actually have your ohio license (i had my NY license so had to get endorsed for ohio which also slowed things down). i hope this helps!

    if you live out of state and are having a hard time getting hired, definitely get your ohio license and apply your ass off at the cleveland clinic. it could be the best decision you ever made for the future of your career.
  9. by   littlenurse21
    wow that's great advice! how long did it take you to get your Ohio license? will they accept a temp permit until you get endorsed?
  10. by   Godsmissinangel1
    @lullaby, I asked you a question about the phone interview on another thread, and found this thread shortly after. Thank you for being so responsive and helpful. So we will most likely be unable to move forward in the hiring process (after the initial phone interview) unless we get our Ohio license? I already have my license in another state, how do I get that to transfer over? Thank you!

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