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Hello- I'm entering the Owens Community College LPN program in Findlay in January. Does anyone know anything about the program? Graduated from it or anything?... Read More

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    I was just reading that article. I was taking my pre-reqs at owens and then decided to transfer to Mercy this semester for my actual nursing classes and no i'm REALLY glad I did! I can only imagine how furious all of those students are.
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    I just saw this news in the Toledo Blade online. I'm sorry for all of you that were enrolled at Owens in the nursing program. I wish you luck as you move on and try to figure out what steps to take next.
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    I am currently at Owens and yes it is a couple years later and the RN program is not yet fully "Nationally Accredited" as of yet. However, according to their website, the RN program is regionally accredited and there are many institutions that are accepting their RN degrees. If you can pass the NCLEX thats really what matters. I know some ppl who have recently graduated from there with RN degrees and they had no problems finding jobs. I didnt hesitate going there and would recommend owens to anyone.

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