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Ohio Nursing Programs

  1. 0 Is anyone here in an Ohio school? Do you like it? Would you recommend your school to someone?
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    i am! judging from your post, you are from here in ohio as well. if you don't mind me asking, what part of ohio?
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    Moved to OH Nursing Programs for more response.
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    What part of Ohio? Are you looking for ADN? BSN? Second degree BSN?
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    Hi, I'm in Cleveland area. Right now I am working towards LPN but I am thinking I should get the RN afterwards. I'm currently a student at Tri-C and quite frankly, I'm not loving it here.
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    I'm at CSCC in Columbus. They have a LPN-RN program there. It's a mess now with the transition to semesters, but that happens in August so it'll all be sorted out soon. I almost went to Tri-C but they booted me out before I started because they changed the background check policy and mailed it to my old address so I didn't meet the deadline (still kicked me out even though they admitted they mailed it to the wrong address as I had updated them). Maybe it was for the best!
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    I'm at LCCC, they have an LPN to RN program as well. The LPN students take a few classes with us (not initially, but later on) and the classes are tough, but doable.