Ohio nursing practice act

  1. I was just wondering were I would find the nursing practice acts view on abandomnet, is giving a weeks notice considered abandonment?
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  3. by   Jessica89LPN
    I'm wanting to leave my position as a ft lpn, if a week notice is given is that considered patient abandonment? I look online but cannot find it on the ohio board of nursing a website? Does anyone have the URL or know the answer?
  4. by   S.G.
    I don't think it's considered abandonment but it is unprofessional. I was always taught at least 2 weeks notice at a regular job but that all licensed positions should always be 30 days notice. I've never given less than a month's notice so that they can replace me before I go.

    Edited to add - this isn't specific to Ohio though, just my own personal experience.
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
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  6. by   bluegeegoo2
    Patient abandonment is leaving the floor permanently before the end of shift, or at the end of shift without having someone there to replace you. one wks notice is not abandonment. Generally, it is customary for floor staff to give 2 wks notice, while administrative staff give a 30 day notice. You would need to see what you're facility policy is on notice so that you would be eligible for rehire at a future time if you so choose. Jobs are getting scarce. No need to burn bridges.