Ohio Board of Nursing Exam Results

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    I took my NCLEX yesterday in the morning and finished with 75 questions. I did the PVT and got the good message. I am curious to know how long it took most people in Ohio to see their license on the Ohio Board of Nursing website. I am having breakdowns and I am so worried I didn't pass since my license isn't active yet. I really need some encouragement. Thanks everyone!

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    I took (and passed) the NCLEX in June. I was on the OBON the next day later in the afternoon. I tested at 8 AM. I was freaking out because my friend took hers the same day I did but at 1 PM at a different site and was on the OBON before me. I, like you, took 75 questions and tried the PV trick (which worked for me). Hang in there! Your name with the initials RN behind it is coming soon
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    I took mine at 8 am on Friday. My results were put on hold, according to the PVT, but my license was up at 1230 on Tuesday. (Monday was a holiday).

    Good luck--I know the waiting is brutal, but it will feel so good when you see that RN by your name!
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    I took mine at 8am....my results were posted by 7:30am the next morning. Good luck!!!! Good PVT is a good sign
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    Thanks everyone! I got my unofficial results from Pearson Vue saying that I passed! Why is Ohio taking so long to get my license info up?! AHH it is torture!! Haha
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    Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks! I finally show up on the Ohio BON too! Yay!
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    I'm still waiting on my ATT although my name showed up on the website last Friday. Ahhhh!
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    I took boards on the 5th of July at 8 am, my license number was posted on the Ohio BON early afternoon of the 6th
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    Give the BON a call. I waited 2 weeks for my ATT, gave them a call (be persistent, DO NOT leave a message) and she said "Yep, we have all of your stuff, I'll get your ATT to you this afternoon. I had it a an hour later and tested the following Monday. Good luck!

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