Nursing School and Careers for over 50

  1. Hello everyone, I am new to the board and have a question. I am 52 years old. I have a bachelor's degree in biology and want so badly to go back to school for an R.N. I have completed pre-requsites and have all A's in my classes so feel I could complete nursing school academically. I am wondering, however, how physically demanding actual nursing school itself is. I have some minor arthritic back pain but am otherwise in good health. Because I seem to have slowed down a little after age 50 physically, I am hesitant about the backbreaking work required at hospitals for a career choice, (Yes, I DO appreciate how hard RN's do work in the hospitals) but I think I could do many other types of nursing careers, like perhaps home health care or working in a doctor's office. I am looking at applying to the RN associates degree at Tri-C (Cuyahoga Community College) in Cleveland, Ohio mainly due to the lower cost. Could anyone offer me any advice in this area? Anyone went to nursing school over 50 that could comment? Or anyone attended Tri-C that could explain the physical requirements involved? Suggestions, advice anyone? It will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   AssociateDegree
    Over the years, we've had a number of "older" students, including one woman who was 68. We also get a lot of firefighters who are retiring after 30 years on the job and want something that dovetails nicely with their experiences.
  4. by   AgentBeast
    It's more mentally challenging than it is physically challenging. Yeah there might be days when you are assigned one or maybe two folks who are pushing 400 lbs, but if you get a buddy or two when performing bed baths and such it isn't that bad. Granted I'm a 6'2" tall 200lb dude, but none of the smaller or older women in my group have had a problem.
  5. by   time2go
    I'm 59 and approaching a year since I got my BSN. My final senior project was to do something that embodied my nursing school journey. I wrote a poem that my classmates seemed to identify with and enjoy so here it is in hopes that it will help you clarify your thoughts and feelings on going to nursing school at "a certain age". It really does express my satisfaction at having completed this challenge.
    So here we go I said again; it’s time to get this done.
    “You’ve tried before”, I told myself.
    Is this old plan “the one”?
    The nursey thing’s been in my head for over 20 years.
    I chose a different path back then.
    It’s time for new frontiers.
    The husband’s trained; the kids are grown.
    I have the time for study.
    There aren’t that many years to go
    Before my brain gets muddy.
    The brain cells they’re a shrinkin’, the back is gettin’ stiff,
    And on the porch at 95, I’ll sit and think “What if?”
    What if I’d gone to nursing school way back in 2010?
    What if I’d tried and made it through? I’d wonder now, “what then?”
    Could life have been more challenging? Could work have been more fun?
    Could I sit here now amazed and proud of all that I had done?
    Well, now no need to wonder ‘cause I did it, yes it’s true.
    It kicked my butt and made me scream and yet I made it through.
    I hardly can believe it; it’s been a rutted road.
    With twists and turns and bounces- and student loans now owed.
    This dream has cost me plenty; both money and years spent.
    I’ve stopped and started, moved four times—
    Suffered APA torment.
    And now I have a BSN; a tribute to my pain.
    I’m hoping it will serve me well (and I can find a vein).
    I’ll cath and teach, inject and soothe and all that nursey stuff.
    I’ll help you live or help you die;
    I’ll be soft or tough.
    Depending on the circumstance and what’s required right then;
    I’ll be there when you lose the fight; applaud you when you win.
    Florence is our model, a supernurse indeed.
    Though shackled by her gender, she strove to fill a need.
    A need for education, investigation, sight.
    The sight to look beyond the now and help turn on the light.
    We learn new things and change the old; get better as we go.
    We prove our worth and gain respect; find out what we don’t know.
    And now that I’ve gone through this trial and written out this verse;
    I’ll always be what I’ve become.
    I’ll live and die a nurse.
    -HVanderhyde BSN,RN