Nursing programs in Cincinnati area?

  1. Hi, I recently posted a thread about Beckfield College. After researching several different nursing programs in the cincinnati area I still really havent been able to make a decision. I've noticed a lot of people have complained about almost every school in the area having accreditation problems. Some of the schools I've been looking to are Hondros, Beckfield, Fortis and Galen. So far I think I may be leaning towards Galen but I have a lot of questions! My ultimate goal is to be and RN working at cincinnati Childrens Hospital. I've heard rumors that Cinci Childrens will not even consider Hondros and Fortis graduates. Is this true? Are there nursing school graduates from the Cinci area currently working at Childrens?
    If anyone can help answer these questions and other questions I have please let me know! I am so worried Ill make the wrong decision and end up regretting it later.
    Thank you!
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  3. by   teamojonj
    i work at cincy childrens (non nursing related). I have asked around the nurses what programs they went to and all I have heard so far is christ college of nursing, cincinnati state, University of cincinnati (where I attend), NKU, Thomas Moore, Miami U, OH state and other big universities from other states. They prefer BSN grads now. I havent heard anything at all from beckfield or hondros. Anything is possible as long as you complete your bsn you can get hired. They are requiring all the nurses to have a bsn.
  4. by   funfunfun550
    Dont even bother applying if you have a 2 year and dont already work there