Nursing jobs in Akron

  1. Hey everyone!

    I will be graduating at the end of August and need to start looking for a job in the Akron area. I want to gain general experience and get more confident in my nursing skills in whatever job I get. So my question is twofold.

    First, what hospitals are most reputable in the area?

    Second, what kind of job would you recommend I seek out based on my long-term goal of eventually going back to school to be a nurse practitioner and work in an outpatient Health Clinic.

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  3. by   OUxPhys
    You have Summa and then Akron General, which is now partnered with the Cleveland Clinic. Would you consider ER? Since partnering with the the clinic they are getting a brand new, renovated and expanded ER. They also are a level 1 trauma center.

    I don't know much about Summa other than they are going through a financial crisis, so maybe General is a safer bet. I also think general is unionized.
  4. by   aship
    I actually really like the ER but not sure they are taking new grads. It's worth looking into though!

  5. by   OUxPhys
    Thats good! ER would be a good place to start if you wanted to do OP NP.
  6. by   aship
    Would you say it's probably best not to start outpatient in terms of getting good experience?
  7. by   OUxPhys
    You will learn and see nothing at an OP as a new grad. Plus most OP places want some previous experience. I would try getting into an ICU, ER, or cardiac step-down.