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First off, since this is my first post, I would like to say hello to everyone here! :w00t: I have been trolling this site and forum for several months ever since I decided to make the switch to nursing school. I was at the... Read More

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    Thank you for the helpful information!!

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    I'm starting at Hondros (LPN program) in July as well, I'm looking forward to it but am is the workload? What are clinicals like? And do you know if competing for a spot in the RN program will be as difficult as it sounds? 60 people in my LPN program, only 32 spots in RN.
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    Hello Mitchsa. 60 students usually start out, but I guarantee you that not all 60 students will make it. Within the first 2 weeks, we had people who dropped out, and now we have some that didn't pass. You will notice that with scheduling, the first 2 terms have 3 different labs, and by the 3rd term, there are only 2 labs. As long as you have decent grades and attendance, you should have absolutely no problem getting into the RN program. If you barely squeak by, then that would be a different story. First term starts out easy, but when you start your clinicals, you'll be going 5 days a week. Still not too bad, if you're not working.
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    Catrat, thank you very much for your response. It makes me feel good about my decision to go to Hondros!
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    Catrat, I just took the time to read over all of the posts on this blog and am wondering how you personally felt about your clinicals? Do you feel you are learning a lot when you go? Any bad experiences? I start in 11 days, so I might as well just wait and see, but if you (or anyone) has any input (good or bad) I'd much rather know now! Thanks for answering everyone's questions, you are putting a lot of people at ease and reassuring us that we are making the right decision.
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    Mitchsa, clinicals aren't exactly exciting. The first day was a bit shocking to us. You will see things you don't agree with as far as the people working in the long term care facilities. I don't really know of anyone who is enthusiastic about being in a nursing home. My best advice; you will learn quite a bit if you are an active learner. If you're a passive learner you won't get very much out of clinicals. You will have certain things you will be checked off on. But really it will be beneficial if you volunteer to help out other nurses and STNAs. They will be the ones to show you great techniques and let you experience more than if you just take care of your patients. Some of us would answer call lights in our spare time and also help out some of the STNAs. That is where I gained the most experience. It's pretty basic stuff the first quarter. Only you will decide how much you get out of it by your willingness to learn. Just don't let the first couple of days freak you out. No one had a great experience. But by the time it was over, many of us were comfortable and plan on returning to visit the residents we took care of. And I've heard that all the instructors were great. One of them was a little overboard with what she wanted done, but I'm sure those students may be better at writing nursing notes and assessments than I am. Good luck! Study your tail off. I saw too many ppl busting butt at the end just to pass. The more you know, the better you'll be when you start your nursing career!
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    I have questions for anyone out there who has taken and passed the HESI entrance exam. I have applied at Hondros and have scheduled the exam for August 6th. However I have studied my tail off. I bought the study guide and I also have went to the information session and they stated to go to and study the vocab. I have also studied the measurements and roman numerals. However, I am concerned on how many of these questions are on there, and I do not want to over study, and end up studying things I do not need to and wasting time on that when I could be studying things that will be on the exam. Anyone with any help please let me know. I have been out of the loop for awhile, I graduated high school in 1993. Thanks!
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    Also, can anyone tell me what type of questions are on the exam? I am worried about written or fill-in the blanks. I am pretty comfortable with multiple choice, true/false, and matching. When it comes to fill-in or written I freeze!

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