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  1. Just graduated from KSU ADN program and am currently enrolled in the RN-BSN program, passed NCLEX - I am coming from a non-medical background (previous career in a creative field), worked as an STNA in assisted living thru school - Just signed up for ACLS class. Can anyone suggest any other things I should do to give myself a bit of an edge as I start the job search. I feel as though I should do everything that I can to boost my skills and resume, given my minimal experience. Thanks for your input
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  3. by   Hawkens
    Akron General has just fired all 70 of their LPNs and are replacing them with RNs (20 so far), so you might want to apply there and remember the new fiscal year starts in october so the local hospitals CC and such might increase the hiring rate.

    Congrats on the getting your ADN I just did the same
  4. by   ksuRNgrad
    Thanks - i heard that planning on following up on Mon - nothing online as of yet. I didnt know that the fiscal year starts in Oct. helpful info! Congrats to you on your degree.
  5. by   Hawkens
    That is what I heard. The fiscal year thing is weird some hospitals end them in December others in October also some schools end theirs in July others in December. The Government entities usually have it in October, in the end it really doesn't make any damn sense but that is how they do it. Good Luck
  6. by   AssociateDegree
    If you have a specific area of nursing in mind, you might seek additional certifications in pertinent areas. For example, for OB, you might get certified in neonatal resuscitation.
  7. by   ksuRNgrad
    My understanding was that you had to have so many years/hours of experience to get certifications, I'll have to do some more research and look into this - thanks for the idea.