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Medication by STNA???

  1. 0 We have a nurse in our facility who asked the aide to give medication to a patient. The STNA's at this place are NOT medication aides. The nurse has been written up for doing it but isin't this illegal?
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    Yes. Very. Depending on the med, I'd think the BON should be informed.
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    I want to contact the board of nursing - how do I go about that. This nurse has many write ups and should be gone however corporate has gone over everybody and continues to keep her. Our management team does not even understand why? This is one illegal action she has done. Noone even wants to follow her anymore because she is such a liability. What can I do?
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    Give medication... as in distribute the Meds to the patient? Or does the nurse prepare them and then ask the aides to give them?

    I am an STNA at a long term care facility and I have nurses that will prepare the meds and then ask me to give it to the resident just because that certain resident has taken a liking to me and will take the meds for me instead of the nurse. It's not like she just hands me the meds and tells me to go give them though... she will usually be in the room with me or at least close by, and I then let her know if they take them or not.