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i am trying to decide which way to go. i have all prerequisites completed for a rn program. i was communicating with rue and college network who both use excelsior in ny for rn credits. i called... Read More

  1. by   scurbro
    Well I am only a year late, but I liked the different of opinions. For me the institution must be either state owned or non-profit, and the name of the institution matters. It needs to be recognized by the Nursing Education commission, forgetting what its called at the moment.

    So researching I have decided to just get my LPN for now, and decide what accelerated BSN would be best for me. For now it just makes sense to become an LPN, and then get my RN later (weather that be by ADN or BSN). By that time too my husband will be out of school and working, so two incomes sure are better then the one income we are trying to get at the moment.

    However I did like University of Texas Arlington online RN to BSN program, and will consider that in the future if the rates are still good. Or I will do the Pre-licensure BSN by Western Governors University. But I have to move so I can be close to a clinical site, because they only do that in 5 states right now (Texas, California, Utah are the three I can remember). Who knows though, it may change in the next 2 years and expand. But those are the two programs I have at the top of my list as far as online goes.
  2. by   lpntgill
    I know this is a couple of years after your post, but I have a question for you. I signed up to do the The College Network about 3 years ago and I also did not complete it. I realized after I started that self paced was not the right chioce for me. I still have a couple of years before my loan is paid off. How were you able to get a refund?
  3. by   kayla.kluver
    Has anyone heard anything about indiana state university. Im really trying to get into a program as soon as possible, but everything in my area has a wait list. Also I havent taken a math class in over 12 years so Im having difficulty placing into the program here in my area.. any suggestions?
  4. by   mstucker
    I just got my LPN & Im looking for an accredited online program to get my RN & still be able to work full time any suggestions, & I dont want to the excelsior program because I have heard to many bad things about the clinical weekend that u do at the end of the program