LPN, ASN, Diploma programs near Youngstown?

  1. 0 Does anyone know of any good LPN, associates, or diploma RN nursing programs near Youngstown, OH? I've been looking at a list of LPN programs in the state, but I'm not sure of which cities are near Youngstown. I have been Yahoo mapping some of them only to find that they are 4 hours away
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    I grew up in Youngstown, but haven't lived there for awhile (I now live in Columbus). I know that Hannah Mullins School of Practical Nursing in Salem is respected for their LPN program. I am also pretty sure that Kent State Trumbull Branch has an ADN program. YSU, of course, has the traditional BSN program.

    Good luck!
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    I just saw your thread. I live in Portage county (Mantua) and go to school at Bohecker's in Ravenna. They have a Lpn program. My guess would be they might be the closest school for you as there is someone I know that goes to school there and lives near Youngstown. It's a 15 month program.
    Good Luck!
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    Kent state offers programs at their Trumbull campus. St. Elizabeth hospital just opened up their program again. Sharon regional in Sharon, PA has a great diploma program and they offer in state rates for Mahoning, Trumbull county residents and their graduates can apply to Penn State (downtown) in Sharon for their BSN program and receive 60 credits free (no testing out, no paying for them) towards their BSN. New Castle, PA has a nursing school Jameson. I think St. Frances closed or maybe its vice versa.
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