Looking for an RN job in Cleveland?

  1. Cleveland Clinic is hosting a 3 day job fair for RNs at the Cleveland Browns Stadium at the end of the month. They will be interviewing and hiring on the spot in some cases.
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  3. by   CindyOhio
    Thanks for sharing. In case I can't locate on their web/career site, can you provide details (date,time). Have applied & got a basic phone interview from HR (as new graduate RN status) last week. Good luck.
  4. by   wantccu
    No problem - I know I've seen quite a few posts from people looking for jobs. They are taking all levels of experience, even pre grads! Here's a link to the details and registration:
    Nursing Now | Cleveland Clinic

    I've seen a lot of people knock the CC on here, but I work there and really love it. You simply can not beat the benefits and opportunities they offer.
  5. by   CindyOhio
    Thank you! Just today, a nursing friend showed me the full page ad that was published in Plain Dealer. It provided website & phone number to register, even offering to validate parking. I am starting a "new" RN job this week on subacute unit of fairly nice LTC facility. Still paper charting except for medications, tons of paperwork (admissions, etc.) & 12-15 residents on 2nd shift. Staffing suffers due to cutback in reimbusements to SNF's which I don't think have hit the hospital as hard. Will make it a point to go to CCF Jobfair. I guarantee many many people will be there.
  6. by   CindyOhio
    Also forget to mention, I have been licensed LPN 17 yrs.
  7. by   advocate4us
    I'm originally from cleveland but i've been in nyc for the last 10 years. i'm looking to move back due to it being impossible to get a hospital job in nyc as a new grad.

    i really wanted to make it to this job fair this week but i'm not taking the NCLEX until late April. I'm hoping they'll still be in hiring mode so that i can apply to them in May/June and hopefully land a job in Cleveland. I'm not picky and it's my dream to work at the Cleveland Clinic! i'll work in any location on any shift.

    If anyone goes to the job fair can you report back and give any advice as far as job opportunities with the clinic over the summer if you hear anything...

  8. by   wantccu
    ^ To the above poster - the information sheet says that they will be interviewing new grads, soon to be new grads, and those in their last year of nursing school as well. Job fair aside, you may post for new grad nursing positions as soon as you have an NCLEX test date. If you're serious about working for CC, my advice would be to get in your car and come to Cleveland for the job fair this weekend.
  9. by   advocate4us
    ^ yes that was what i thought as well but i called them and they verified that if i have not passed my NCLEX yet and i also don't have a current Ohio license that i wouldn't get an interview or be able to apply to any jobs yet. she said new graduates and students are welcome to come to the fair but for informational purposes only. so i'm planning to come to town and apply once i have my Ohio license.

    i'm just hoping they'll still be hiring through the summer and fall...
  10. by   advocate4us
    has anyone attended the cleveland clinic job fair? any feedback?...
  11. by   seachel013
    I attended the job fair, it was surprisingly more organized than I had anticipated. All of the regional hospitals CNO's were availabe in one room. I could walk up to any table for more information. I knew specifically what unit I wanted to work on, so I talked with the CNO. From there I registered for an interview and received text messages to my phone updating me on wait times and number of people infront of me. Unfortunately, my wait time was 113 minutes and 19 people infront of me. I believe the most unforeseeable part of the whole day was the number of people and amount of waiting that happened. I had prepared for a four hour day, but I showed up at noon and left at 9pm. After close to two hours of waiting, in which I was able to entertain myself with lunch, live music, massages, and some vendors. I went up to interview with one of the managers. The set-up with beautiful! All interviews were held in the boxes of the Browns stadium. I had a beautiful view of the Browns field distracting me from the stress of the interview. From there you went to a holding area, again more waiting, about an hour. There were close to 100+ people in this room waiting for your name to be called where you would then meet with an HR recruiter with either an offer or rejection. My particular circumstances resulted in an offer. I then went to the basement of the visitors locker room. I filled out paper work regarding health, vitals were taken, drug test, respirator fit test, titers drawn, eye examination, and PCE. Which again altogether took close to three hours. The downfall was the waiting, but who can complain.. most nursing interviews start with your initial recruiter interview and then a week of waiting until you get the manager interview then a week of waiting until you get the job offer. Then on your own time you have to complete all the pre-hire assessements. With this job fair, you showed up and you knew that day! Very well done Cleveland Clinic!
  12. by   CindyOhio
    I was at the stadium @0830am on 3-28-12 (1st day) & left after 6pm. Many people walked in vs. preregistering and this delayed the interview wait times - along with a glitch in the messaging process. During this time, plenty of food and beverages were available. After an interview, there was plenty of seating available and other candidates were very friendly and supportive. The CCF staff were excited and upbeat despite the delays and being on their feet most of the day. Exiting the elevator to the the last phase which consisted of the physical exam, I was congratulated by CCF & Browns stadium employees for securing a position. As a relatively new grad, I am very pleased to say I went home with a job & will begin orientation on 4-16-12. Well done, CCF!
  13. by   lullaby
    i had wanted to attend this huge job fair last year but didn't have my ohio license at the time. i am happy to say that one year later i finally got a job at the cleveland clinic!

    but now i have a few questions for those of you who work there about orientation and the PBDS exam, as well at the METI edose math exam.

    i'm starting my orientation soon and i would really appreciate some feedback! how hard did you find the tests? any tips on what to study?

    for the PBDS i am studying the main med/surg emergencies and their interventions.

    for the drug calculation test i'm using a reference guide and doing practice questions, but this exam worries me the most as i have to get 90%. any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    lastly, i was told we get the chance to retest again for these exams, do you know if many people do not pass the first time? and how soon would you be retested?

  14. by   HeartNursing3
    The PBDS isn't a pass or fail exam. I was told that nurses only score 65% nationally. They use the test to assess your strengths and weaknesses to customize your orientation.

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