Little more than 2 weeks till CSCC starts

  1. Anyone else excited about the Fall class starting soon? It's been a little difficult for me to get excited, since I took the summer off... but I'm starting to get excited again. To help get me going, I bought my shoes and a rolling backpack yesterday.
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  3. by   shortnorthstudent
    I am so excited and so nervous. I picked up most of my books on Saturday. Although, I was hoping that there would be syllabi in the packets and there weren't.
  4. by   Buck eye
    So the books are in? Do you know if the uniforms are? The way the bookstore website looked, I thought they weren't ready yet. I bought one of the books a few months ago, from Amazon, but still need to get the rest.
  5. by   kidsnstudyn
    I'm excited! I've got a mini-trip to North Carolina this weekend... and I still have to get all my books, but I'm stoked. The other people I know that are starting are a little ambivalent... I think it's just been this thing we've wanted for so long that it's almost weird that it's here. Does that make sense?
  6. by   msteeleart
    Did anyone get their uniforms yet? I figured they would email us when they were ready but I haven't received any emails.
  7. by   Buck eye
    Yes I got my uniforms and books almost a week ago at this point. When I was there the class notes/ materials were not ready though.
  8. by   shortnorthstudent
    Anyone been to the bookstore Saturday or today? Do they have the course notes in for 100 and 110? I'd really like to get that stuff sooner rather than later. Our family life is crazy busy this fall and I really want to get organized ahead of the game so I don't feel like I'm playing catch up from the very beginning.

    SO excited for classes to start Thursday.
  9. by   msteeleart
    I am in the hybrid and have been waiting for the nursing process guidelines and the hybrid notebook for nurs110. I have been checking the online bookstore. Once they get them in I am going to pick up my uniform too.
  10. by   shortnorthstudent
    I've had lots of people give me advice to be flexible with nursing school. I'm giggling this morning now because classes haven't even started and I'm seeing how true this is going to be.

    start Thursday
    no start Wednesday
    no start Thursday
  11. by   Buck eye
    Quote from shortnorthstudent

    start Thursday
    no start Wednesday
    no start Thursday
    What do you mean by this?
  12. by   shortnorthstudent
    Quote from Buck eye
    What do you mean by this?
    NURS110 professor sent out an e-mail yesterday that the Wednesday seminar people would be starting Wednesday instead of Thursday as it showed on the materials from orientation. Apparently, they received some complaints and rethought and are back to starting Thursday as the materials we have from orientation state.
  13. by   Buck eye
    Finally got the course materials
  14. by   kidsnstudyn
    I know, it's been weird... I guess I'll just go to class on Thursday.