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Anyone else excited about the Fall class starting soon? It's been a little difficult for me to get excited, since I took the summer off... but I'm starting to get excited again. To help get me going,... Read More

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    I still haven't received my nursing uniform yet! Were you sent an email informing you that the uniforms were ready, or are they at Discovery exchange waiting to be picked up?
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    You just need to go to the customer service counter at DX and give them your name.
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    Get used to books and the class packets being sold out or available late - it'll happen every quarter! I'm in 3rd quarter right now, full time, and the biggest thing I can suggest for 1st quarter is to take advantage of Tina Berry's supplemental instruction/study help sessions. I've learned a few things from those sessions that has helped decrease my studying time while maintaining A's in the classes.

    Good luck in the program!
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    I wonder if she does that for the online program too. Do the traditional students have to do as much reading as the online? I have been reading non-stop since we started.
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    haha, yes. I recall first week of 100 being a fairly insane number of chapters, but it tends to get better once you get over the initial hump of reading in the D'Amico book.

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