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I'm working on my core classes now. I should finish this summer. Anyone want to weigh in on how long of a wait it was? Any advice? Anyone waiting like me?... Read More

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    Ugh, yeah, that would stink! Where do you most want to go? If you're moving somewhere, where do you think you'd want to live? Where are you likely to start soonest? If you end up wanting to come here, let me know, I'd be happy to point you to some areas that are safe. We're a small urban city, so we have hot spots where you wouldn't want to live.

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    Honestly, I just want to start the soonest. I would REALLY prefer to stay in Columbus but CSCC is my only option and they have a 2 year waitlist.

    Ultimately, I plan to move to SoCal or Austin, TX. Outside of my parents/sister, all my family lives out there and I love it. My sister plans to move to one of those locations when she graduates (in 2013, about when I'll be done) and my parents are going to follow.

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