Lakeland Community College

  1. 0 I did a search in both the Ohio nursing and the Ohio nursing program sections and did not find anything with information regarding this program. Does anyone know anything about it? Do they have an evening program at all?
    I just found the website to be lacking as well.

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    RN Programs

    LPN Programs

    It would appear that they do have a RN program. They do not have an LPN program.

    Acording to this
    it seems like they do have an option to take evening courses.
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    Lakeland is the community college for Lake County, Ohio. They have full approval from the OBN and are accredited by the NLN. Lakeland has good NCLEX pass scores and a fine reputation. They graduate about 100+ students per year.
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    Thanks ScottE, those were the things that I looked at too but I still find the Lakeland PDF to be a little lacking in information, so I guess I will just have to email them. I was hoping to get information about deadlines for application, if any, or if it is similar admission criteria to Tri-C (first come first serve).

    Thank you AssociateDegree, that helped out a little bit. Do you know anything more about their program, like the night program, is it M-F or Evenings/Weekend and do any of the classes start before 5 PM?

    I ask about Lakeland because someone I work with suggested looking at them, I think she went there but we didn't have a lot of time to talk.

    Thanks again guys/gals!
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    Hi KFoss,

    Please contact the Lakeland Counseling Office and ask to speak with one of the counselors who specialize in nursing. The number there is : 440-525-7200. Also, here is more info on their website:
    Counseling Center - Counselors - Area of Specialty - Lakeland Community College - Kirtland, Ohio

    Thanks so much for your interest and if you need anything else please let me know.

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    Wonderful, I will call them!
    Thanks so much!

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