Kent State Accelerated BSN - Summer 09

  1. Hi, I recently applied to Kent State's Summer 09 BSN program and I'm just waiting to hear back if they've accepted me or not. I emailed the school about when to hear back and they said possibly mid March.

    Just wondering if anyone has applied for the Summer program and if they've heard back yet?

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  3. by   alwaystiredmommy
    I haven't heard back yet either. I called last week and they said in about two weeks we should know.
  4. by   barleany78
    Thanks for the reply. I hate this waiting!! I hope I get's too bad they only choose 20 =/ and I had missed all the deadlines for other schools, so if this doesn't work out, I'll have to wait awhile to apply to other places.
  5. by   alwaystiredmommy
    I think they accept more than 20. Did you apply only for the program at Kent State's main campus? There is one that is on the weekends at UH as well. There are two spots on the website with the number admitted. One spot says 30 and the another says 20. I'm not sure if that means 30 or 20 per program site? I have been a little discouraged my the whole application process... I applied at CSU as well and with a 4.0 in prereqs I didn't even get an interview. I don't have the highest hopes for Kent since I was under the impression that Kent was a better school. I'll let you know when I hear something so you will know to expect to hear as well. Good luck! Maybe we will be in class together someday!
  6. by   barleany78
    I only applied to the maincampus, I didn't realize there were other options. If this doesn't work, I might try an associated degree program. I think Akron Institute iseasy to get into, then I can get the bsn later.

    Good luck to you too, I'll let you know if I hear back from them too.
  7. by   Gatsbysgreenlight
    I called Kent yesterday and they said expect admission results for the summer cohort in 1-2 weeks. The summer cohort will be comprised of two separate classes - 20 students and 30 students. The 20 students typically have class on the weekends and clinic during the week whereas the 30 student section has class and clinic all during the week. 30 students are always accepted every quarter unlike the 20 student cohort is only accepted once that program completely finishes.


    Just curious how your gpa and work/volunteer experience looks? Also, have you both finished your pre-reqs?
  8. by   barleany78
    Thanks for the info! I think I have all my pre-req's completed...I got an email from Kent with all my info and it looked like they were all completed, but I'm still checking on that. My gpa isn't the best, maybe 2.9 overall, but I also have a degree in mortuary science that's a 4.5 and I have work experience of 3 years as a funeral director which I hope will help get me in since I've had to work with families, hospitals, hospice centers.

    I'm nervous though!!
  9. by   alwaystiredmommy
    My undergrad GPA is 3.5 and my prereqs is 4.0. I am finishing up my last class for prereqs A&PII I work for a hospital now on the business side of things, although it brings me to the OR quit often to observe. I have had fairly consistent volunteer experience over the years... just not formal volunteering. What I mean is I participate in little events here and there, like relay for life, united way, dress for success, and I was very involved in planned parent hood about 9 years ago. I am just worried I haven't done enough lately. In the last few years I have focused on my career and my family and haven't done as much volunteering as I would have liked. This is one of the main reasons I chose to go back to school to be a nurse. I feel that my current career doesn't allow my to do the the things I'm passionate about as often as I would like. When you work 50+ hours a week (and go to school at night) it doesn't leave much time for other things.

    Do either of you know how many people typically apply?
  10. by   Gatsbysgreenlight
    I attended an informational meeting mid to end of January and they said they had received 100 applicants for the February 15 app deadline. I am assuming they had more roll in since then.

  11. by   alwaystiredmommy
    When you called the admissions office did you get the impression that they have already accepted people? The website seemed to indicate that they accept people right away and keep accepting until the classes are full. Or do you think that they haven't made any decisions yet. I'm worried since it has been so long that in 1-2 weeks is when they send out their denial letters. Although I haven't of anyone getting in.
  12. by   Gatsbysgreenlight
    Called the office again today to ask and the women said 1-2 weeks immediately and then put me on hold to verify. Then came back saying they hope to send out tomorrow but said don't hold her to it. She also said accepted students should receive an e-mail; whereas, everyone else receives a letter.

    Crossing my fingers and hoping sooner than later.

  13. by   barleany78
    Yikes! Hope we all get an email soon!
  14. by   alwaystiredmommy
    Crap! The automatic email thing doesn't have my correct email address. Do you think that will matter? I would hope they would call if it didn't work. I didn't even get the email that confirmed that my letters had made it in. I just verified with the letter writers. Should I call? ahhhhh! Panic.