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Hi, I recently applied to Kent State's Summer 09 BSN program and I'm just waiting to hear back if they've accepted me or not. I emailed the school about when to hear back and they said possibly mid March. Just wondering if... Read More

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    Quote from confusedstudentnurse
    Thanks for the additional information! After this spring quarter, I'll have completed all pre-reqs plus 1 of the additional courses (Statistics).

    I work full time in a professional job and go to school full time so I haven't had time to volunteer yet but after spring quarter, I plan to volunteer at a hospital before I apply for the August application date.

    Do you think this is enough time to volunteer or will it be disregarded as not doing enough for the "working in healthcare" points?
    Do you have any other experience in a helping setting? I'm going to also through in my experience teaching underserved adults through United Way, my 6 months experience as a Patient Care Assistant, and my current job as a Patient Care Consultant at a pharmacy.

    Also make sure you have a really really strong essay. They put a lot of emphasis on the essay. Who are you getting your recommendation letters from? I'm planning to get mine from a nurse I worked with at my PCA job and a professor of mine who taught me in several of my prerequisite courses who is also a nurse.

    My GPA stinks (2.5) but my prerequisite GPA is over a 3.0, I think my essay is strong, I think my recommendation letters will be great, I think my helping people experience is great, and I have 3 "extra" classes completed (human growth & development, statistics, and the 300 level human physiology). I'm also currently enrolled in human nutrition so that will make 4 when I apply.

    This fall they are admitting 30 students to the regular cohort and 20 students to the UH cohort and another 20-30 into the new evening/weekend cohort so that's a lot more students than normal so that also increases your chances!! Worst case scenario you don't get in and wait 3 more months to start with the next class. 3 months is nothing in the grand scheme of things - you are looking at a long career in nursing!

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    Wow you have incredible experience!! It sounds like you have a great shot at being accepted!

    My undergrad degree is in Political Communications, so I've worked in politics for 5 years in Boston, DC and Columbus. I suppose that's personal opinion on if i've "helped" people!

    My GPA is pretty high, 3.3 undergrad and should finish over 3.5 for pre-reqs. My recommendations will come from former employers, one of which works in the healthcare field on the administrative side.

    I feel pretty good about producing a strong, unique essay but I think I fail miserably in the healthcare/helping experience area. If I didn't work 40+ hrs a week, plus attend school full time in the evenings, I would definitely be at a hospital or clinic volunteering. I don't know if they take those sorts of things into consideration but I hope so!
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    UPDATE from the KSU Nursing Dept!

    You can get up to 8 points from the GPA if you had a 4.0 cumulative and 4.0 prerequisite GPA. You get 2 points if your prerequisites are completed at the time of application and 1/2 point for each extra class you have done. I'm not entirely sure how they work the experience/essay into the process but they did say there is a decent amount of emphasis on those two as well.

    The evening/weekend cohort will start January 2011 and admit 20 students. Classes are generally Monday/Wednesday evenings with clinicals on Saturdays with the exception of the community health clinical that is typically 9-5 one day during the week due to those centers only being open those hours. The UH cohort starts August 2011 and admits 20 students as well. Everything is done on the weekends at UH. Each program only has one cohort at a time.

    NURS 20030/NURS 30030 are the medical/surgical rotations
    NURS 30010 is the OB rotation
    NURS 30020 is the pediatrics rotation
    NURS 40030 is the psych rotation
    NURS 30040 is the LTC rotation
    NURS 40010 is the ICU/ER rotation
    NURS 40020 is done in a visiting nurse agency or a local health dept
    NURS 40045 is an elective for your senior practicum
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    Forevelaur, you always have great info.!

    I have my BS in Electronic Engineering and trying to decide if UA, CSU and KSU's accelerated BSN program is best. All 3 have different pre req's.. but KSU has less and UA and CSU is similar. I want to continue for my CRNA at UA so, I'm leaning towards going to UA for accelerated BSN and staying for my CRNA.

    This thread is pretty dated, but if anyone has decided on UA, CSU or KSU.. which did you choose and why? Did you have to take the HESI or any other exam for admission?

    Thank in advance any insight is appreciated.

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