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Kent Ashtabula ADN program

  1. 0 Hello all,
    New to this site, and wondering if any attend/have attended Kent State Ashtabula's ADN program? I have attended tour, spoke with advisor, Taking pre-req's now. It looks like a state of the art facility, just wanting some student info on what to expect, tips, hints, advice, etc. Thanks, Mike
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    I was looking into this program today and was wondering what the prereqs are. The website is so vague.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone has attended the Kent State University at the Twinsburg location for the ADN program. I am looking into the program and was wondering what to expect, hows the program, clinicals, professors, is it very hard to get into and etc. Any information will be great! I already attended the informational session and have completed most of the pre-req's. Im looking to enroll fall 2011.
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    I am currently enrolled to start at the ashtabula campus On January 10th. I have also taken classes at the twinsburg and geauga campus. What can I help you with?
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    I was wondering when do they notify you of acceptance or denial to the program. I know the deadline is feb 1 but what if you apply before then, do you still have to wait till May? I was also wondering what the GPA average for everyone. I have a 3.0 and I know the required is 2.7.
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    I do believe that you do need to wait. I have a friend that applied and she will not know until May. I wish you all the best of luck! I know when I applied, the waiting was insane. Then the day that our letters were due to arrive, the sorting machine at the main post office broke and our mail was delayed a day. I thought I was going to burst!