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I am a new LPN , just passed the boards.I really worried I may not be able to find a job in the dayton and surronding area.I have filled out and summit resume to 16 Long term care centers.Anyone else fill the demand for LPN's... Read More

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    Thats great! I have considered this, but didnt know if you could work as a STNA after your licensed. I have heard that you cant, but am not sure. There are a whole lot more STNA jobs out there than LPN jobs. Still applying, but openings are very limited. Im surprised that you havent found anything, there seem to be so many openings in the Akron area, but I guess that doesnt really mean that thier hiring! :imbar

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    There are definitely many openings...home year experience..awesome pay, cant wait to get that one year mark, but i need a job first!!!
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    Yes, I feel the same way. Want do something with what I know, and this "housewife"/"jobseeker" role I have been living to is getting old quickly. I need a job that pays!!
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    Quote from rude1s
    I feel your pain. Graduated in Aug. 2009 in Cleveland Ohio and am actively looking. Thinking about taking STNA job just to get in somewhere. Cant get anyone to talk to me. Need to use my skills before I forget everything!! 3 months ago there were tons of jobs, now nothing! Looking for LTC job, anyone have any suggestions? Not sure if applying for STNA will look bad since im already licensed.
    where did you go to school?
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    I know that this thread is a little on the "dated" side but, Im extra sad to know that things have gotten so bad at home in Dayton; not surprised, but sad. Im considering moving back to da O very lightly but not before I get my RN. When I graduated in dec of 2005, I took my boards in feb and searched like crazy for months. I even tried to work at an agency, BAD MOVE; I didnt know what to do and of course, the staff nurse was not happy with me to say the least (cant' say I blame her). I didnt land a full time job until june 2005 and it was a 2nd shift position. I was so happy to have my job I didnt know what to do; but I'll tell you what, Im greatful to this day for that job because the people I worked with "taught" me how to be a "good nurse" and I am in their debt (in my opinion) for life. I know that things are hard but just keep at it and for goodness sake, FIND A SCHOOL QUICKLY TO GET YOUR RN. The worst thing I did was leave the state after 6 months of licensure instead of staying home and working full time and going to school part time or full time for my RN. I now live in the Atlanta area and when I tell you the job market is HORRIBLE, THATS AN UNDERSTATEMENT, TRUST ME; things are hard for me right now and Ive been a nurse for 4 years. So Im happy to say that I will be starting my pre-req classes in the March 2010 toward my RN! The job market will be better when you finish versus when you start; things cant, wont, and dont stay down forever, they never do. If you continue to sit on the sideline and look at how bad things are, you'll miss the two years you couldve dedicated to getting your RN.

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