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  1. I went to interim health care today to what I thought was an Interview. they had me take a test and sign some forms.They did not ask me any questions, I am a new LPN so i will be doing some mentor-ship program. orientation is next week. The pay is horrible, but its not like i have any other offers so i am taking it until something better comes along.
    anyway.. does anyone know anything about this??
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  3. by   LoveANurse09
    Not sure,but my friend just started working for them as an RN for pediatric home care and she loves it.Good Luck!
  4. by   gerotina
    Just wondering how it worked out for you with Interim Health Care. I have been seriously considering home care nursing. Other nurses have warned me about other homecare agencies to stay far away from, but I have not heard anything negative about Interim. Do they treat their nurses good? Do they have a steady case work load?
  5. by   willow86
    i don't know about the rn or lpn work at interim, but i worked there as both agency and home health aide (stna). it was ok when i worked agency, but the home health sucked. i often left my house at 6:30 in the morning not to return until 10, 11 at night but not logging more than six maybe seven hours of "paid time". i only did it one month but i spent more in gas that month than i actually made (before they took taxes out). i urge you to look into any agency positions they have or patients that you will be at their house for more than just an hour or two.

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