input on fortis college columbus Ohio campus

  1. Can someone please give me input regarding Fortis college Columbus? Idc about nursing accreditation becuz I don't plan in pursuing my b.s.n. I just would like to hear input about the school.negative and positive. I am starting the l.p.n. to r.n. bridge program August 2012. And I am very excited. Can not wait to become an r.n.!!!
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  3. by   merricks4
    Hello it depends on were you are tryn to wrk. I have heard tht there were not a good school because the students didn't know what to do when it came to clinical. So some places will not hire you if you go througth them. I work for nationwide children's an fortis is on a do not hire list.
  4. by   meandmine1984
    I would like to work at a LTAC facility or a rehab facility. But thanx for the input.
  5. by   meandmine1984
    BTW merricks4 are u a nurse if so wat school did u go to to obtain ur r.n. license.?
  6. by   merricks4
    I am a Lpn I'm takin my prerequisites fr the RN program at Columbus state.
  7. by   merricks4
    I graduated from their LPN program
  8. by   merricks4
    Yea some of these companies are very picky on wht school you graduate from. Like children's dnt except any online associate RN programs.
  9. by   meandmine1984
    OK thanx for the insight. I just recently moved to this area in June of this year. And just thought I would ask about Fortis. I been an l.p.n. for seven years now so I hope that helps during this venture thru school. We will c. But good luck to u in ur journey thru nursing.
  10. by   meandmine1984
    Also do u kno of any r.n. that graduated from Fortis? I just kno of one but she went to the cuyahoga falls campus.
  11. by   merricks4
    Yes I know 1 tht gt her lpn an RN through fortis w use to work to gt she put in her two weeks last yr an went bck to her old job as a case manager until she gt dne with her bsn because nationwide would nt hire her she had been putting in a lot of apps an found out thts why thy would not hire her at the hospital. I work on their homecare side.
  12. by   brown eyed girl
    Hello All!

    I know this is an old thread but, I wanted to make an inquiry and put my two cents in anyway. I currently attend Fortis in Centerville; and I have heard the same thing from 2 co-workers; one who attends a c.c. LPN-RN bridge program in the area and, one who works for a local hospital. What I don't understand is, why or what is the reasoning behind the "spooky do not hire list" and how does anyone know for sure that it really exists?

    From what I have been seeing since being back in the Dayton area (almost 4 months), LPN'S AND RN'S EXPERIENCED OR NOT don't have much of an opportunity to land a job anyway do to oversaturation of the market; like many states in the country. Everybody is struggling to find a job. I've also noticed that many of the c.c. (not sure of the 4 yr colleges) have REDICULOUS waiting lists and academic competition just to get "on" the list is crazy. I'm also aware that Kettering College has their own RN program (LPN-BSN, RN-BSN, AND TRADITIONAL BSN TRACK) plus, they have ownership of 4 hospitals and MANY clinics around the Dayton metro area. So (in my own reasoning), why would the Kettering Network want to hire any graduates from ANYWHERE when they have their OWN SCHOOL? IMO the "career colleges/technical schools" are only filling a "need" or "demand" that c.c. cannot keep up with; and some "would be" student's aren't willing to wait or delay their education because the c.c. don't have enough staff and clinical instructors.

    I really don't see what the difference is in hiring a graduate from a "career college" vs. a c.c. because both teach "hands-on, real-world" simulated and on-site clinical education, getting the student ready to become a "Bed-Side RN" while the 4 yr universities stress "management" skills. Is there is a business contract between the schools and said hospitals that makes this situation difficult for those of us who will be graduating from these kinds of educational institutions? I am aware that my institution has a relationship with the Iasis health system, who have facilities in many different states. They come to the school to recruit the soon-to-be graduates to work in their facilities. From my understanding, if you accept a position with them, they will either completely or partially pay off your student loans incurred during school for a 2 year commitment. So, what gives?
  13. by   mso819
    Idk wat the big deal is. I am goin to be completing fortis college columbus nov 25th. And i have made the best of my education and clinical experience! I say gud luck to all who decide to enter nursing school!!
  14. by   OhioNurse79
    mso819 can you tell me about your experience at Fortis? How much was total tuition, etc? I have no prereqs done & I'm looking for a program that incorporates them all in.