input on fortis college columbus Ohio campus

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    Can someone please give me input regarding Fortis college Columbus? Idc about nursing accreditation becuz I don't plan in pursuing my b.s.n. I just would like to hear input about the school.negative and positive. I am starting the l.p.n. to r.n. bridge program August 2012. And I am very excited. Can not wait to become an r.n.!!!
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    Hello it depends on were you are tryn to wrk. I have heard tht there were not a good school because the students didn't know what to do when it came to clinical. So some places will not hire you if you go througth them. I work for nationwide children's an fortis is on a do not hire list.
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    I would like to work at a LTAC facility or a rehab facility. But thanx for the input.
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    BTW merricks4 are u a nurse if so wat school did u go to to obtain ur r.n. license.?
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    I am a Lpn I'm takin my prerequisites fr the RN program at Columbus state.
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    I graduated from their LPN program
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    Yea some of these companies are very picky on wht school you graduate from. Like children's dnt except any online associate RN programs.
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    OK thanx for the insight. I just recently moved to this area in June of this year. And just thought I would ask about Fortis. I been an l.p.n. for seven years now so I hope that helps during this venture thru school. We will c. But good luck to u in ur journey thru nursing.
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    Also do u kno of any r.n. that graduated from Fortis? I just kno of one but she went to the cuyahoga falls campus.
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    Yes I know 1 tht gt her lpn an RN through fortis w use to work to gt she put in her two weeks last yr an went bck to her old job as a case manager until she gt dne with her bsn because nationwide would nt hire her she had been putting in a lot of apps an found out thts why thy would not hire her at the hospital. I work on their homecare side.