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  1. Hello All!

    I am trying to gather some information on the process to get into HSN. I will be done with my pre-reqs by the end of spring and hope to get into HSN by Fall 2011. Can I go ahead and fill out the application now to get the process started? Originally, I was going for tri-c but I have a feeling I won't make it into the Fall 2011 because they said they didn't get my background check receipt after faxing it twice. They already sent out the letters for September and I now have to wait for the apps to go out in Oct. I am thinking Fall 2011 will be full by then. If anyone has info on HSN, please let me know. Thanks
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  3. by   cLmPdN
    Hey there,

    I am also applying for Huron for Fall 11'. I do not think that you can apply until you have done all the pre-req's. I know they told me to reapply because I needed to finish my A and P II. I believe the last date to apply is March 2nd?! I have heard that you can still try and apply even after that though. I just sent in my application. I have been in contact with them through e-mail and they are pretty quick about getting back to you. GOOD LUCK! Maybe I'll see you in Fall 11'
  4. by   MelMelH
    Ok, Thanks. I called them last week and they said to go ahead and send in my application and they will keep it on file until I finish my pre-reqs in the Spring. I am not sure why they told me something different. Well, I hope they gave me correct information over the phone. Good luck to you as well!