Hospitals that pay for your education.

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    Are there any Ohio hospitals that will pay up front for your nursing education if you sign some sort of contract saying you will work for them for X amount of years? I have found a lot of places that offer tuition reimbursement but that's not quite what I'm looking for.

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    You can try the VA or Christ. I know christ used to have a program that would pay for school if you worked for them. I believe the VA ha something similar as well. besides you can't beat the benefits at the VA.
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    Where is the VA hospital?
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    I am not sure where you live but I know there is a VAMC in cincinnati. There are several VAMCs throughout the nation. The VA systen is very large and offers great benefits to new nurses future nurses and new hires. You might want to look into the Army as well. I know the army has some great deals going on for recruitment purposes. If you would like more detailed information or help I will be willing ot help you. Let me know and you can contact me via email or phone. i am always willing to help a future or current nurse. Its hard enough without the present nursing staff making more difficult. We are here to help. Just let me know.Like I said I am more than willing to help you with what you need to find out.
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    Christ Hospital in Cincinnati will pay for your tuition (up to $20K), if you sign an agreement to work for them for 3 years upon graduation. I believe this is only available if you attend their college... The Christ College of Nursing. I'll be attending there this coming fall, and I couldn't be more excited! Without the Tuition Benefit Agreement they have, I'd never be able to make my dream of becoming an RN come true. If you have any questions about Christ, you can PM me if you want. Good luck!

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    Is there any information about the Tuition Benefit Program online? I am having a hard time finding any information.
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    i don't believe there is any information up on the website. here is the email address of the assistant dean of student services there [color=#0068cf]

    she is a very helpful and resourceful person. i would email her any specific questions you may have...

    here are the things i know...

    1. it's a contract that you sign with christ hospital.
    2. it's not based on financial need or anything... no need to fill out a fafsa
    3. if you break the contract, you have to repay the money used, plus interest, in 30 days (yikes)
    4. it's offered to every incoming student
    5. in addition to the agreement to work for christ upon graduation, you also need to maintain a 2.67 gpa (b-) in all your classes at christ
    6. after graduating, you will be interviewed and hired just the same as any other rn applying for that nursing job (i.e. same pay, can choose what unit to work on, not an indentured servant, lol)

    any other questions, you can ask me or email vicki. if she or i doesn't know the answer, we'll find someone who does and get back to you.

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    omg thank you so much sassy i have been trying to get more info on the christ hospital program but i have been getting the runaround even when i call. i am about to take my cna classes but my goal is to be in nursing school by next yr. thank you again
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    You're very welcome! I think they don't like to advertise the fact that they'll pay for your school, so that people will want to come to the school for it's merits, and not just the tuition benefit. Sorry they gave you the runaround when you called. If you want more information, I highly recommend that you attend one of their information meetings (called talk and tour sessions) this fall. I never did that, but wish that I had. The dates/times are as follows:

    October 8 (6:30 - 8:30pm)
    October 25 (10am - 12pm)
    November 13 (6:30 - 8:30pm)
    ** call 585-2401 to RSVP **

    Best of luck to you and again, glad to help!

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    There aew VA Nedical Centers in Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati and Chillicothe. There are community based outpatient centers in Lima, Cambridge, Portsmouth....Huntington VA is close if you live in southeastern Ohio...and I know there are other outpatient clinics
    Ohio State Universoty offers tuiiition as part of job
    PACCAR opening at Adena reegional medical Center in Chillicothe this fall. Student loans are a god thing, too, in a pinch--you don't start to pay them back until you're out of school 6 months

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