Hondros info pls!!!

  1. I'm thinking of going to Hondros by April 2012 for the LPN to Rn bridge program. Please can someone tell me how much the program is. I heard it's expensive but i'd like to know roughly how much or exactly how much. Any and all info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   chelleklpn
    I was there last week for info session on the RN program but the brochure lists the pn price as well, it says the pn is $16,050 for tuition, then about $2300 on top of that for books, fees, testing, etc. I plan to start the RN prgram in April. This is from the info session I attended at dayton campus, not sure if price varies by location. I'd suggest attending a session, lot of questions can be answered there. Good luck
  4. by   chelleklpn
    Ooops I think I read your post wrong, if your loking for RN prce, tuition is $25,759 plus about $6000 for books, fees, etc.
  5. by   dwright1203
    You can always contact the campus for more information and a brochure on the price/tuition, etc.

    It is approximately $245 a credit hour, not including books, etc.

    Again, I would suggest contacting the school and asking for more information and better yet, attend an informational session.

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  6. by   teecee
    Thanks everyone for the replies but i'm asking about the LPN to RN tuition, not just the RN. thanks
  7. by   Nurse2BAshleigh
    They have only LPN and RN there is no bridge per say. You have to already have completed LPN to be accepted into the RN program which is 6 quarters (18 months). Their prices are higher because they are a private school.
  8. by   Bootstraps
    Hi teecee! I don't know if your still looking or if you have began your program. I have enrolled at Hondros LPN to RN program. The total cost was going to be around $32,000 including everything. But during my waiting period to start have discovered that only the nursing classes will transfer to UC. I have also discovered that their BSN program is not listed on the Ohio Board of Nursing approved list, only the LPN and RN programs are currently approved. What all that means is that if you graduate either the LPN or RN course and wish to continue your education to earn a BSN degree, you will have to repeat any non-nursing classes, ie., math, English, A & P. So, I started looking into other options. I found that Cincinnati State had a great RN program, (FYI you need to have your LPN or STNA to get into the program and they have a 2+ year waiting list, their credit hours are the cheapest I found!). I also found UC Raymond Walters has a LPN-RN program. There are 6 pre-requisite classes, A&P I and II, Psychology, Pharmacology, Statistics and English Comp. You must maintain at least a 2.8 GPA in these classes to move on the LPN-RN program. There is no waiting list for this program. There is a waiting list for the standard RN program. I am going to go talk to an advisor to find out more info. Hope this answers some questions.