Help! Relocating to Columbus, Ohio!

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    We are relocating to Columbus in 2 months and this website is making me nervous. I am an experienced nurse with 4 years of cardiac and 2 years of ICU (my current job), but all these people posting about not being able to find jobs are making me nervous! I have a BSN with ACLS, PALS, TNCC, and of course BLS certifications.

    I feel kind of crazy thinking about having to start applying for jobs already! Does anyone recommend a good hospital or area to live in? We are pretty flexible about where we are willing to live as long as it's about 30 minutes from Columbus or closer. I've searched a lot of the hospitals and there are numerous jobs available! I'm having a hard time narrowing down which jobs/hospitals to apply at.

    Thanks for taking the time to help!

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    Not sure if you'll be checking here, I'm surprised no one ever responded!

    I live in the Dublin area and love it - considering when I first moved here I lived in a very, very bad area. Most of the upper 270 outer belt areas are smallish suburbs that are great for families and are not far from any of the hospitals.

    I work for OhioHealth, so I guess you could say I'm biased as far as hospitals go. I've literally never been to Mount Carmel, so I really can't say anything about them. I do really like OhioHealth, though, and from Dublin, you can reach 3 different hospitals within 15 minutes of driving, which I really like.

    With your experience, I really hope you dont have difficulty finding a job! The majority of the problem is for new grads, because Columbus has 5 (6 now?) nursing schools graduating nurses every 3 to 4 months.

    If you're into cardiac, the "main" cardiac hospital is Riverside (although each hospital has a cardiac unit). Riverside is also the primary stroke hospital. Grant is the key trauma center here, and Doctor's Hospital and Dublin Methodist are smaller hospitals (Dublin is brand-spanking new). The only ICU I've seen was at Grant while I was a student, and even then, it was their Trauma ICU, so I'm not sure if you're into that specialty since you do have a TNCC.

    I'd be happy to answer any other questions you may have!
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    All the major medical centers in Columbus are north of I-70.
    With your experience, I would also check out the Ross Heart Hospital, which is part of the Ohio State Medical Center.
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    Thank you for the responses. We are actually in Columbus right now visiting and have driven through the Dublin and Worthington areas and they seem really nice! Are there any other areas you would recommend?
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    Quote from purple_rose_3
    Thank you for the responses. We are actually in Columbus right now visiting and have driven through the Dublin and Worthington areas and they seem really nice! Are there any other areas you would recommend?
    Depends on what you are looking for. Is it city night life, good schools, or quiet suburbs? And how much are you willing to spend on rent/real estate.
    Some neighborhoods to look into-Upper Arlington, Grandview, University Village, Victorian Village (not the most kid friendly, however) if you like being in town.
    If it's an outlying suburb, Dublin is very nice and also very expensive. Gahanna, Westerville, Canal Winchester are also very nice as well. Hilliard on the west side is a bit more affordable. East Columbus (of route 23 aka High Street) is sketchy. Really would focus on anything outside the 270 outterbelt on the east side. South side is heavily industrialized and Franklin is a rough part of town.
    I lived in Columbus for 15 years. I'll probably be going back. Shoot me a PM if you any questions.
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    Great info thanks! We are looking for something quie in a nice neighborhood! We currently pay $850and in rent so anything in that range or lower would be best.
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    Quote from delilas
    if you're into cardiac, the "main" cardiac hospital is riverside (although each hospital has a cardiac unit). riverside is also the primary stroke hospital.
    it's clear that you take great pride in where you work and that's terrific but these statements are categorically untrue. there is no "main" cardiac hospital in columbus. all three major health systems have strong cardiac programs. ohio health and osu have separate and beautiful heart hospitals while the mount carmel system's program is based at mt. carmel east. riverside and osu are both known for their stroke care but osu has a world class rehabilitation hospital (dodd hall) as part of their program. all systems have top notch maternity programs with their nicu's run by nationwide childrens hospital. all systems have some sort of cancer care. riverside has zangmeister but the only one that is accredited as a national cancer center (putting it on the same playing field as the mayo clinic, md anderson and dana farber) is the james at osu. riverside has a top-notch peripheral vascular program that i'm not sure osu even tries to compete with. riverside and mt. carmel east have the biggest and busiest ed's by the numbers but mt. carmel st. ann's comes in just behind them with half the beds. eeek! osu's ed is a hot mess. i've had friends who've gotten terrific care at hospitals in each of the systems and friends who have not.

    Quote from purple_rose_3
    great info thanks! we are looking for something quie in a nice neighborhood! we currently pay $850and in rent so anything in that range or lower would be best.
    depending on what size apartment and what amenities you want this may be an issue. it's been awhile since i lived in one but in 1992 i was paying $650 for a very small 2 bedroom on the edge of clintonville (a nice area). i don't think you will find a 2 bedroom apt in any of the areas mentioned for less than $750 and even that would get you very little in the way of extras. sure you can find them but they'll be westerville "area", dublin "area" and that is open to interpretation.if you'd like pm me with a few complexes you think you might be interested in and i'll let you know if you should take a look or pass on them. i'm an apt. hunting pro!!
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    If you haven't relocated yet, I suggest Canal Winchester, quiet, family based community, good schools, easy acces to freeways via 33. I've lived here with my family for 7 years and we love it...Good luck with everything.
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    I'll add my vote for the Ross Heart Hospital at OSUMC - it's a great facility and with your experience, you probably wont have any trouble landing an interview. Good luck!

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