evening weekend LPN or RN program- no prereq's? evening weekend LPN or RN program- no prereq's? | allnurses

evening weekend LPN or RN program- no prereq's?

  1. 0 Anyone know of any evening/weekend programs that are insular nursing programs without being part of a university that requires all the prereqs and side classes? I LOVE Central's program layout- but they only offer daytime classes... Is there anything similar for evening/weekend classes anywhere in northeastern OH?
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    Wayne County Vocational Center an hour south of Clveland has a three day a week evening program that lasts twenty months. Tri-C has an evening LPN program, so does the Parma school of practical nursing. Good luck.
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    Where are the nursing classes held at Tri-C? Just curious about that. I live in north Wayne Co. and wondered how far of a drive it would be. The Wayne Co. Vocational Center program is kinda expensive.
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    The evening/weekend program is held at the Eastern Campus, which is on the East side of Cleveland. It is in Highland Hills, OH. You can take the prerequisite and support courses at any Tri-C campus. The nurses courses must be done at the East campus.

    This is for the RN program. I don't have any information on the LPN program.
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    How about Huron School of Nursing?
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    I don't live in Ohio, so please don't shoot me for not knowing where Wayne Co. is. However, I do know there is an evening/weekend LPN program starting in May 2010 at ETI Technical College in Niles, Ohio. I believe that is Trumbull Co. I live in Western PA, and they just sent me a note in the mail yesterday saying their May 2010 class is still open and to call to take the EVOLVE test if I was interested.
    I hope this helps.
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    No one knows where Wayne county is..............very tucked away.......good thing it's 10 degrees out, it smells like maneur anytime it's over 40 degress. Happy new year .
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    I'm from the border of Medina County and Summit County. I'm very familiar with where Wayne County is. I attended their branch of the Univ of Akron when I was home over the summer in college