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Who else is going to be at orientation on Friday? Looking for future classmates!! I'm hoping the option to swich from traditional to online after first quarter is still available; they have already... Read More

  1. by   foreverLaur
    I haven't officially switched - I am not able to yet. However I did speak with my advisor and she said it shouldn't be a problem. And I did get word on Friday, the 11th, that my background check had officially come back and everything was good to go. We got fingerprints a week ago to go through (at the police headquarters) but they couldn't guarantee them since they only got 3/4 of the prints to be of "good quality."

    What a big sigh of relief!! I picked up my uniform last Friday and now I am just waiting on textbooks to come in!

    Does anyone have suggestions on where to find white shoes for clinical?
  2. by   AgentBeast
    I got white shoes from

    New Balance walking shoes.
  3. by   foreverLaur
    Thanks ScottE - shoes purchased
  4. by   foreverLaur
    Any suggestions for a drug handbook/reference? There are so many options...
  5. by   AgentBeast
    I have the Mosby's Drug guide and also have "Nurse's Pocket Drug Guide 2011" to carry around at clinical.
  6. by   shortnorthstudent
    You won't need one first quarter. There are several good apps. Some are free, but be sure that they have a section on nursing implications. Mosby, Lippincott, Davis - they all have good ones.
  7. by   inchwormsz
    Hi All. I have some questions about the CSCC nursing program [adn]. I am planning on applying this April. It is now November 2012 and I am planning to take my NURCs from January-March. I am hoping for the traditional program and my fiance is leading toward online. We both have BS's from OSU. I was wondering if you had any idea what the recruiters look for primariliy. We want to set ourselves apart but we're sort of at a loss. I've been reading a lot of forum posts on here and I'm starting to get discouraged. I keep hearing about a waitlist, but nowhere on CSCC's site does it talk about a waitlist? What did you all do to set yourselves apart? How long did it take to get in, what classes had you completed before? Does anyone know the acceptance rate? I'm just dying to know answers to so many questions [and advisor's seem to be no help/aggrivated with questions.] Help me!!!