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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am set to get my LPN from CSCC in May. Yay!

    Anyways, I am planning on transferring to COTC for the LPN to RN program and then finishing up my BSN at OSU since COTC has a bridge program. I was very excited about finally making a decision on my schooling, until people started talking bad about the program.

    I went to CSCC because it was the only evening program available near me. I live in Newark where COTC is and it makes sense for me to go there now that I am free during the day. I have the prerequisite work done for COTC and can apply as soon as I pass the NCLEX PN. If I were to stay at CSCC I would have to do another year of prerequisite work and hope that the wait list doesn't keep me waiting longer than that year.

    My pros and cons point to COTC, but I would like some more information. Preferably from a COTC previous student/graduate. I went to COTC for my prerequisite work and I love it, but I also want to be taken seriously when I graduate. I know CSCC has a better reputation for nurses but I was NOT impressed with their LPN program. It was very disorganized and I felt as thought I was expected to self teach.

    Please give me any information that could help guide me into making the right decision for me.
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  3. by   vstreet
    I went to COTC for both my LPN and LPN- RN, passed NCLEX first try with minimum questions on both . The school is what you make it so give it your all, do your best and you will be fine. There's always the good with the bad and something's are just annoying lol. The program Is fine with some great instructors also one of the least expensive options!
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  4. by   mso819
    V street makes a valid point! !! I researched all of the local schools before I decided to go to fortis for my r.n. heard good things and bad things about every program in the area. Ultimately I chose the school I could finish the quickest due to the fact I been an LPN for so long. I just wanted to get in and get out! ! Lol. If that makes sense. Passed nclex rn on my first try with the least amount of questions and took me two hours. I did not attend fortis for my p.n. though and I'm glad I didn't. I had good/great grades in school and I do not regret going there. I made the best of it! And put my one hundred percent into it and here I am now an RN. Feels good too! I encourage you to go to school where you want to go to school and forget the nay sayers and negativity. .you can do this and you will be successful!!!!!! Good luck to you! !!
  5. by   smb7
    Thank you both for your input! I am also a believer that you get what you put in, so if I go to COTC and I do my work I will do well.

    I am going to COTC for sure. Thanks again or reassuring me!
  6. by   vstreet
    Good luck on your journey, I'm sure you will do great! I passed NCLEX January 13,2014 and I have turned down a position and have 2 upcoming hospital interviews! I think COTC did a fine job!

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