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Hello! I am a soon-to-be OSU grad getting my Bachelor's in HDFS (human development family science). I was originally a nursing major, but I was wait-listed then denied acceptance into OSU's nursing program. I'm not ashamed... Read More

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    Quote from OSUgrad2010
    Thank you so much! My gut is telling me to pick Kent also. The only thing with that is, that I'd have to find a place to live because I live much closer to CSU. I know alllll about cleveland and the sucky weather and the even suckier economy! There's a noticeable difference in both weather and economy down here in Columbus, but the nursing shortage isn't as bad here (I've heard) because of all the schools nearby.

    Are you currently enrolled in CSU?

    Thanks so much for responding!

    I am from a Cleveland suburb and moved near campus for the program. If you need any suggestions for apartments I'd be more than happy to help you. I love the complex I moved into. It is quiet and almost brand new. It takes me about 5 minutes to get to campus.

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    HEllo Everyone!

    Thank you all for responding! Sorry I'm very late responding to this...I kinda forgot I signed up for this site! Now that it's time for me to apply, I am very afraid! I am applying for fall acceptance at Kent. I decided not to apply to CSU because I'd have to take another class which I can't afford right now.

    I have a new often do you need to get Hep B immunizations? I had 3 several years ago, and I'm wondering if I need to get another series of am I set for life?

    Thank you all for your help!
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    Hey Karebear2717,

    How's nursing going for you? I need some advice on where to live in Kent and I was wondering if you could help me? I'm not sure how to privately send you a msg, so I figured i'd ask you on here and maybe you can tell me how to work this site! LOL!

    Thanks! HOpe to hear from you soon!
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    Im kind of in the same boat now. accept for me its between Kent State accelerated BSN, or Tri-C Accelerated ADN which is much cheaper. I ruled out cleveland state because I got my masters there but it doesnt seem to be popular for nursing.
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    Hep B should be for life. However, I would recommend having your doctor draw blood to verify. I had my 3 shot series and I was not immune. I got a booster and was still not immune. I got another booster and now I am immune! I have heard of several people that have lost immunity many years down the road though.

    I would recommend Kent State. I made the opposite choice and went the ADN route to save money. Yes, it will save me money, but you will HAVE to do a RN-BSN program which costs a decent chunk of change anyway (hospitals will help, but only $2k a year on average). With the push for 80% of bedside RNs to have a BSN by 2020 there is a huge push to hire BSN nurses. The extra upfront money will be well worth it down the road. Go to Kent, IMO.
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    Cleveland State isn't "popular" because it is a small program. CSU produces something like 70 new graduates a year between the regular track and the accelerated track. Kent State produces almost 400 BS graduates each year. Over 600 if you include in the ADN folks from the regional campuses.
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    Kent State is ranked #127 by US News & World Report and CSU is ranked #295 although I haven't a clue what criteria they use to evaluate that.

    Last year, 86.42% of KSU grads passed the NCLEX on the first try. 88.31% passed on the first try at CSU. So if you base the quality of a nursing education off of how well the graduates are prepared for the NCLEX, I would say they are pretty equal.
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    I figured as much. I know rankings for medical schools say nothing of the quality of medical education you will receive. I think the only way we can evaluate is word of mouth from graduates and local hospitals as well as NCLEX pass rates.

    IMO, the other things that I have realized are really important are hard to tell before you start. My nursing school has a great reputation in the community and I'm less than 5 months from graduation and I couldn't even begin to tell you how or why.
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    Hello all! Its nice to see my thread is still alive! Just to give you an update : I decided to enter Kent's accelerated BSN, graduated Dec 2011, and Im now employed in my desired area of nursing!

    I would definitely recommend KSU... they have more options for start dates (i was against CSU's January 2011 start date when i was ready in June 2010). KSU professors have a GREAT rep and lots of connections in the nursing world as well. Overall, i had a great experience at kent. I learned a TON in 15 mos (actually 14 because we had the full month of August off).

    Id recommend a BSN program because 2 hospitals in my area are no longer looking to hire ADN nurses after 2013. The good thing is; if you DO get employed as an adn nurse, many hospitals will pay for u to get your BSN within a certain time frame.

    Best of luck to anyone deciding to enter nursing. It's a GREAT field! Very rewarding!
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