Cleveland Clinic Nurses--Is Big Brother Watching?

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    I'm just curious-

    Throughout my time on this site, I've noticed that when threads have specifically asked questions about life at the Clinic, there has been very, little response. One thread, that was started over 2 years ago, has only had 22 responses (and it's taken 2 years to reach that point!).

    I've noticed that other posts from nurses at the CCF have just responded "Just PM me if you want to know anything more". The questions that curious posters have asked have not been anything that would (seemingly) get anyone into trouble.

    So, I ask this question because as a nursing student, I have been very interested in the Clinic and over the last year, I have asked questions that have only received 1 or 2 vague responses. I apparently have been one of the lucky ones because there have been numerous other threads where the posters have received no responses. To be fair, there have been a few (1 or 2) threads within the last year or so that have provided thorough, direct responses.

    So, once again, I ask this (partially tongue-in-cheek, partially serious):

    Is Big Brother watching?

    P.S. Just PM me if you need to.

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    Too funny!!! Yes BB = CCF!

    I am disappointed we don't have more lively discussions from our Ohio nurses.

    It seems largely that regional discussion is from student- which is good- but it would be nice to see some local events and updates!

    I would highly recommend you look at UH before committing to the Clinic. It seems to be a more nursing oriented hospital.

    There are some good things about the Clinic but historically it's value of nursing is not one of them.

    The model of care for it's surgical and medical floors can often be - 1 RN and 1 LPN for 9 or 10 patients. Nurses in my organization from UH report much better staffing.

    Unfortunately, staffing is a BIG problem at most hospitals. So it is tough to make a decision based on that alone.

    Good Luck to you wherever you choose to go.
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    Thanks RNPower for your response! Hopefully other CCF nurses will feel more empowered to join in.

    It's really disappointing to hear (not just form you) that CCF doesn't trully live up to the meaning of a Magnet hospital. Given their size and the amount of recognition they have received nationally, I would have expected more.

    I haven't really looked into UH yet but over the last few years I've heard more positive feedback from nurses about UH than I have the Clinic.

    Thanks again!
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    Take a look at this recent article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer. As most nurses know, satisfaction is strongly related to nursing care. When nurses don't have time to communicate or respond- satisfaction (among other things) suffers.

    Ohio Hospitals are not overseen by the Department of Health - so there is not much public information available. This report is significant.
    Niotice that the Clinic has hired "an experience consultant" -perhaps they really need to staff better in both nursing and environmental services!
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    Quote from wsuchic1
    It's really disappointing to hear (not just form you) that CCF doesn't trully live up to the meaning of a Magnet hospital. Given their size and the amount of recognition they have received nationally, I would have expected more.
    Please read this information from the Massachusetts Nurses Association about Magnet!!! Magnet is an advertising label and revenue generator for the ANA.
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    Hi RNPower-

    You provided some good info through the articles. I have to say that the Clinic's response to low patient satisfaction scores was (at best) annoying. It seems as though hospital administrators (and I'm not just picking on the Clinic; I work at a hospital in the Dayton area that is guilty of the same thing) are programmed to "address" every issue by forming some kind of committee. For once, it would be nice to see some kind of direct action.

    For instance, the article you provided about the farce surrounding Magnet status, stated that mandatory safe RN-patient ratios is not a criteria for Magnet credentialing(!!!). Is anyone as disgusted and shocked as I am by that bit of news?! I would think that safe RN-patient ratios would be one of the most important criteria to even be considered as a candidate for Magnet status.

    There's sooo much that has to change about bedside nursing (and healthcare, in general)---where do we begin?

    I know, let's form a committee!
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    Speaking of committee's as the solution for all...HB346!!! The hospital industry solution to the staffing crisis- let's make the suggestion of a committee -that "should" make staffing plans that they "shall" make available upon request a law.
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    I'm not a Cleveland Clinic nurse, but have had family members there. I cannot say that I was impressed with the care or the facility. It did not seem like an environment that was nurse-friendly.
    In addition, I do think CC is bigger than some hospitals on giving preferential treatment to VIP type patients.

    University Hospital seemed like a much nicer facility and the nurses seemed less harried.
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    Let's just say....working there was a huge mistake. Never ever ever again!
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    Do not work for CCF!!! More than likely, you will cry everyday on the way to and home from work. I know I did as well as the numerous nurses I have talked to that have worked there in the past. As part of your orientation, you have to take a "nurse to nurse hostility class!" I am not making that up. The reason you have to take that class is because in one year they hired 1000 nurses and lost 1000 nurses!!! That is HUGE!!! I wish I would have listened to the few people who said it was bad and not made the mistake in working there. I am very thankful I got out and went to a smaller hospital and love it. Take my advice and do the same.

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