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  1. 0 I'm having an interview at CC for RN position at H80 Internal Medicine Telemetry Unit.

    I don't exactly know what is the specialty of the unit. All I know is that it is a med/surg unit.

    Any suggestions? Your comment will be greatly appreciated.
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    I used to work on H81 at ccf. H80 is just med surg with tele. It is a very diverse group of patients. never boring. good luck
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    Thank you so much
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    Question - How long did it take from your application date to call for the interview? I applied for a job through the Clinic web site a couple of weeks ago and haven't heard anything, but people are telling me that it usually takes awhile for HR to process the information and contact potential candidates. I can't imagine why I wouldn't get called to at least interview for this position...
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    It took about 2 weeks then they contacted me via email for a phone interview
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    OMG that's so funny. I actually work on that unit. Good luck with the interview process. H80 is an Internal Medicine floor so you will see a lot and gain a lot of knowledge.
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    I used to work on H80! But that was as a PCNA, not a nurse. It's internal med/telemetry. A big unit from what I remember, I think 40 beds? H81 is the sister unit on the same floor, but on the other side. Both floors see a very diverse group of patients and you will learn A LOT. Good luck!
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    Did you get the job? I started my CC orientation yesterday... TONS of people in it and they said they hold orientation WEEKLY - crazy!

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