Between Christ and Good Sam: Which to choose?

  1. Hi,
    I have recently applied to both Christ Hospital (no waiting list at this time) and Good Sam (Could start in January 2012) if accepted. Can you anyone give their insight on which school provides the better education, overall experience?

    Also: While going full-time with one of these colleges, if Full time work feasible?

    Thanks so much for your help, its truly appreciated.
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  3. by   JeanettePNP
    I was expecting a more philosophical question...

  4. by   LC1984
    SORRY Jeanette73----I am new to this site, and would really like some information and insight.
  5. by   grechi2009
    hello, I am applying to christ as well, I have gotten in 2 years in a row and could not attend bc they didnt have financial aid and now they do I will attend!!! this was my only reason for not going and I would still start clinicals faster than at good sam. Good sam is a great college, I work at Childrens and many of the nurses earned their degrees there. Many also went to Christ college. I shadowed a nurse in the NICU at childrens who went to The Christ college. there are many post about both schools. I dont think you will regret your decision weather you choose christ or good sam. They are very well respected. I do believe Good Sam is more pricy than The Christ College though. Is this your first time in college?
  6. by   JeanettePNP
    Quote from LC1984
    SORRY Jeanette73----I am new to this site, and would really like some information and insight.
    Your question was appropriate. Sorry I can't be of more help. I just found the juxtaposition of the two names a bit funny.
  7. by   LC1984
    Thanks Grechi! I appreciate your input. I am actually doing a career change, I have been a Paralegal for 4 years, and am interested in Nursing. I would have some of my GEN ED that should transfer over, due to my previous college work. Are you planning on receiving your RN, and persueing your BSN? I spoke with a ladie at NKU, and she discussed with me upon graduating as a RN, you can take a online BSN program at NKU, that is geared towards working nurses and only takes 3 quarters. Due to it looking as if most hospitals now are only hiring BSN's.

    Also if you got accepted to Christ, were you thinking of doing the Jump Start program which starts in May, or the original start in Aug?
  8. by   grechi2009
    I plan on starting in May because I still need some general education completed. I am actually meeting with Bradley the admissions reps in a few days to see what I need. I plan on going to UC later to do the RN-BSN. Christ graduates have many options to get their Bachelors.
  9. by   LC1984
    Thats great! I hope it all works out for you! Maybe we will have classes come this fall, if I get accepted to Christ.
  10. by   grechi2009
    thanks, yea I am a little sad I would have been done if I would have went when I first got in but I had no way to pay it and they took out the program where you work for Christ Hospital after graduation and they will pay for your tuition. When are you applying? He said that there are over 100 seats for fall available. They have changed admissions a lot. Before you had a deadline to apply only once a year and you would find out in March. They get a lot of applications.
  11. by   LC1984
    Yeah i understand completely, I wish I could have went prior, but I didnt have the funding either. I know I am disapointed the tuition reimbursement is not avail, but hopefully you get signed on somewhere, where they do tuition reimbursement.

    Yes, I have spoken to Bradley as well, and he said there was about 100 seats left, I actually sent my stuff to Christ yesterday in the mail, so im waiting now.

    What kind of work are you currently doing at the hospital?
  12. by   grechi2009
    I am a PCA, childrens offers tuition reimbursment so I am hoping this will help me find employment and tuition.
  13. by   LC1984
    I have been looking into PCA jobs, but I noticed you need to be a licensed CNA, or a nursing student with one clinical completed. Do you mind me asking how you obtained your position as a PCA?

    Are you also going to work fulltime during school?
  14. by   grechi2009
    I got my CNA from Cincinnati State back in the summer of 2009. I was already working at Childrens as a Room Service attendant in the food service department then I just transfered departments. All you need is your CNA or yea if you are in Nursing you need to have completed a clinical.