Anyone enrolling for the Spring LPN Nursing term at Hondros?

  1. Hello and Merry Christmas,
    I am excited to finally start the enrollment process into nursing school. I am a married working mother of 3 girls and will (hopefully) be attending the Spring LPN program at Hondros. With the Holidays and my family I have to wait until the spring to start (Although I'd love to start NOW!) But I have come to terms with waiting and having the oppertunity to really freshen up on my math skills and study for the entrance exam. So my question is... "are there any other student's taking a long time to get ready for school again?" I know that Hondros has a very hard course load.
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    Good morning and Happy Holidays to you,

    First, congratulations on your decision to make a career decision to attend nursing school at Hondros College School of Nursing. I am currently a 5th quarter RN student and Student Ambassador for the Nursing program.

    I understand what it is like to start out a new career after having a first, so good luck to you. The coursework and curriculum can be challenging. It is life changing at you will spend a great portion of your time in class, clinicals, and studying, but as anything in life if you are passionate about what you are doing the sacrifices are a small part to pay for a rewarding career.

    Remember to remain focused and know that there is an end to it and will be more fulfilling than imaginable. It is a great field.

    I wish you all the best and please let me know if you have any further questions/concerns.

    All the best to you.

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    I am starting at hondros west chester in the spring for the Lpn program. I am very excited. I spent two weeks studying for the entrance exam and it turned out to be more of a common sense exam than anything. Probably 90% of what i studied wasnt on the exam. Good luck! Which campus are you going to if you dont mind me asking?
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    Whwt can i expect at orientation this month?