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Anyone at COTC?

  1. 0 I was wondering if anyone is in the program at COTC and what they think of it. I just found out that I did not get in to OSU, with a 3.8 I might add, and thought they might be a good option instead of waiting another year to apply to OSU or Otterbein. I am 31 and don't feel like waiting around any more. Thanks for any advice!
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    I was wondering how it worked out. Did you go to COTC? I'm applying now.
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    I graduated in March. There are pros and cons to all the programs in central Ohio but over all it worked for me. I cannot recommend getting a job in a hospital, ANY job, strongly enough. It is the key to getting a job after graduation. I worked patient transport and got hired the week after graduation. Good luck to you!!
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    Ok. Maybe volunteer at a hospital if I can't work? So that looks really good to first employers? Thanks for the advice.
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    Graduated August 26, 2011 form COTC. Studying for my NCLEX and putting in applications and resumes at Columbus area hospitals. Hoping to find a job soon.
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    If you want to get into OSU you also have to volunteer at their medical center. If you get a job there as a PCA/SCA/PCT you can go for free and have higher odds of getting in.

    I have heard COTC has a good program. A few of the students in the program I talked to said they had to travel quite a bit for clinicals.

    I'm at CSCC and love it. Great program, structured more like a BSN program, and all clinicals are in Columbus hospitals.