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I have been looking for some one who goes to raymond walters college part of UC, and is majoring in nursing technology and has already dealt with the waiting list? HOw long is the waiting list? what... Read More

  1. by   JTwildone05
    Thank you SOOOOO much for the reply. That really helps a lot. I am pretty organized since I have paperwork for my current job so thats not a huge problem. MY last question(I promise). I am so petrified of math so my question is, what are so examples of math that are on the tests??? Thank so so much. Its greatly appreciated. JT
  2. by   PurifyMe
    The will get harder as the qaurters go on:

    1) You patient weighs 68kg, how many lbs is this:
    2) How many Ml per hour should you run 1000ml of D5 1/2 Maintenance IV fluid over 24 hours.

    Not too had. I promise
  3. by   JTwildone05
    1) 68 X 2.2=149.6lbs
    2) 1000/24HRS = 41.7 of d5 solution

    am I even close LOL??? Your pretty much amazing for being so helpful. Thanks- JT
  4. by   PurifyMe
    Correct! Just remember to round and they will tellyou to which place. You are welcome. Good luck!
  5. by   medsurgcutie
    hey, i am seriously considering raymond walters college of nursing to get my rn. to jtwildone05 and purifyme, how do you go about finishing all your classes before clinicals start? i have two children and it seems that if i could do that it may help me find time to sleep at some point. that is my biggest problem when am i going to sleep? anyway thanks for the replies and all the info you've given so far it has been very helpful. anything else you can dish up about raymond walters would be appreciated.
  6. by   smartin13
    I just graduated in June and had all of my classes prior to the start of the actual nursing classes. I did take several classes towards my BSN while doing classes/clinicals. I worked the entire time I was in the program.
    My first year I worked 32-40 hours a week, second year I worked 24-32 hours. I got good grades and never had to pull an all nighter. I know several people who worked during the entire program and did fine (actually it has helped us find jobs after graduation) however I also know people who had to quit their jobs because they were failing.
    Like PurifyMe said you will not be able to choose your locations, instructors, or days. Things may change and you will have to be able to work around them. Most of the teachers I really liked, maybe one or two I didn't. I did rotations at several nursing homes, B North, Jewish, Christ, Shriner's, Mercy Anderson, Mercy Western Hills, Hospice of Cincinnati, an adult day care, and with a home health care orginization.
    Good luck on your journey!