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  1. Long title sorry! I am about to start at Akron Institute for the MA program but I am hopefully only going to be doing that to get some of the nursing courses out of the way while I wait to take the TEAS test Sep 18th to get into the Jan 2010 nursing class.

    I understand they only accept around 30 students 3xs a year and I was wondering if there are any current nursing students over at AI of Herzing U that can tell me some things that might ease my nerves:

    How complicated is the TEAS math?
    I just graduated from Akron Alternative Academy with a diploma from Kenmore High with a 3.959 GPA and got all As in math (Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II) but here's the strange thing....I don't understand math or remember any of what I was taught except consumer math. Which is like common sense math...

    What was your score on the TEAS test when you got accepted?
    I want to know about where I need to aim when I'm testing. Not that I won't try my best but that I won't freak out if its not a perfect score. I'm used to getting perfect on tests and stuff but that's high school this is college totally different.

    I just wanna mention that I have always wanted to be a nurse probably since I was 10 years old. Its an actual passion of mine and not something I am jumping into because of all the advertisements on TV about "Nursing is an in demand field blah bla" I have always loved the idea of helping people. I have a lot of people in my family with various illnesses such as epilepsy or mental illnesses and nursing has seriously been a passion of mine since as far back as the 5th grade. I just know that's my dream job. I am not gonna jump ship as soon as it gets too complicated because complicated is my thing I enjoy a challenge. So I don't consider myself an "economy" nurse who is just coming in to get my head above the water during tough times.

    Anyway I know its not shameful for someone to be a nurse for that purpose. I just want that clarified because I know a lot of people who want to go to nursing school just because they believe its the economically correct thing to go. My husband, mom, and other family members are about tired of hearing me talk about nursing thats how much I think about it....

    So anyhoo any current AI students here? My last question sorry about my long paragraphs here. And to think I didn't pass the acuplacer writing assesment.
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    I just had another Q: What is the tuition per semester cost for the nursing program? I was talking to a fellow named Jason (maybe cant remember) who said it might be more expensive for the nursing program so I need to keep that in mind while filling out the loan application or considering keeping the "left over" money.

    So what's the cost? If you applied for loans did your loans cover your tuition cost?
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    I remember someone saying the tuition was about 25K total or somewhere close.
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    Thanks. Anyone know anything about the school/professors/instructors etc? How good a program it is etc?

    I'm hoping to be in the Jan 2010 class for nursing.
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    Hi Brikkz,

    Did you ever apply for the Jan 2010 class?
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    i change my mind. i got a lot of bad news about akron institute from some people already in the health care world. this lpn who went to akron school of practical nursing told me akron institute is a big joke in the professional world and nobody wants an RN with an associate's degree.. so im afraid of staying here.
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    I think you should seek more opinions because sometimes rumors can be just that. Perhaps the other programs have a reputation for not being all that great, but I have heard very good things about the RN program and the school in general. I have also heard that various hospitals are glad to take Akron Institute nurses because of the standards and training they receive. They also do clinicals at several area hospitals with good result. They have an exceptionally high rate of pass for the boards as well. I wish you well in whatever your choice.
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    I decided to take the TEAS on the 18th.
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    Good for you! Good luck on the test - I'm sure you will do well! It seems scary and you can review the example test questions online, but since you are a fairly recent grad a lot of the stuff will come back to you and you will do fine.
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    howd it go? im interested in the akron institute for nursing also