ADN programs with high graduation and NCLEX pass rates

  1. Hi, Ohioans! I'm looking for an ADN program that is organized and stable in matters of class schedules and school terms, and also that have high graduation and NCLEX pass rates.

    Am I expecting too much now?

    Plus, (maybe I am, now) where teaching occurs. I know there're many instructors who try to get things across to the students, but there're also many who just encourage or let them only read the textbooks for exams. So, does anyone have recommaedation for ADN programs?
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    Thanks for the info, but I've already checked NCLEX pass rates of those schools, but I wasn't able to find their graduation rates and reputations. some say Tri-C and Lorain county C.C. have a good reputation and they're good programs for students, but on the other hand, some're talking about weeding out system.
    if you're currently living in OH and have some other info about ADN programs there, would you share them with me? thanks.
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    Definitely NOT CSCC. We lost students every quarter/semester and were left to teach ourselves. The professors actually encouraged us to drop out if we didn't do well on the first exam almost every quarter because that was easier than attempting to teach us or doing some tutoring with those students.
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    do you think that happens in many schools there? weeding out students every semester and encouraging them to drop out of the program.
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    I go to B/S and I love it. We do lose alot of students but I've never felt like they were weeding us out. If we dont do well on a test, it's mandatory that we go to tutoring. What I've noticed is that those who struggle through prereqs, talk through lectures, dont go to open labs, complain about how some requirements arent neccessary, and claim instructors play favorites......usually drop out.
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    thanks you so much for the information.