ADN Program - Kent vs Tri-C

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    Hi! Anyone have any input on which program is better? I am not so much concerned about cost difference as education and schedule differences. Does the Kent ADN Program (Twinsburg) go through summers so you would finish quicker? I know Tri-C does not. I have been accepted to both for 2014 Evening, just trying to decide which to go with! Thank you!
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    I'm currently in kent states (twinsburg) nursing program and love it. You have the option of taking summer classes to lighten the load but you will not graduate any sooner.
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    If you can go to Kent do it, Tri-C has had trouble with accredidation recently and I believe they were downgraded.
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    Tri-C is fully accredited. They are being reviewed by the accreditation board again this spring. I had no idea Kent had an ADN program until after I was accepted to Tri-C. Had I known I may have looked into their program a little more, since it seemed more flexible for evening and weekends. I had to quit my job to go days at Tri-C. KSU is supposed to be really nice.
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    This article talks about the Tri-C accreditation issue.
    Tri-C's two-year nursing program retains accreditation, but has it lowered to warning status |

    So they are "accredited with warning" which will hopefully be upgraded to full accreditation this spring/summer. Personally, while I'd be surprised if they did not regain their full accreditation, I would also be hesitant to begin there until the issue is fully resolved. But that's just my opinion.
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    Hi! Did you have clinicals your first semester at Kent? Foundations of Nursing Agency, NRST 10001 is the course.

    thank You!