Accredited 2 Year Nursing Schools?

  1. Hello, I live in Cincinnati and I will be graduating high school in June 2011. I am 18 years old and I currently have my State Tested Nurse Aide which I got this month and I really want to become an RN. I am trying to look for an accredited 2 year RN program in the Cincinnati area. I know some colleges are Galen, Hondros, Cincinnati State, Brown Mackie, etc, but I heard they are not accredited . Once I graduate the college I also want to be able to sit for the NCLEX. Can anyone help me find an awesome 2 year accredited college? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   grechi2009
    hello, some of these schools have a 2-3 year waiting list, Cincinnati State, Good sam (waiting list less than a year), Raymond Walters College, these ones dont have a waiting list Christ College of Nursing, Bohecker. There also Bachelor's Program at University of Cincinnati, Xavier, Mount SAint Joe and Miami Univerisity. Whoever told you Hondros, Cincinnati State, and Galen are not accredited lied, those are great nursing programs they have high N-Clex rates. Hondros has no waiting list I forgot to put it in earlier. Brown Mackie...I didnt know they had RN program only a LPN. you can sit to take boards but will not be able to transfer credits to another institution.
  4. by   happy2learn
    Galen does NOT have a high NCLEX pass rate. It was 63%.

    YTD: Cstates was 89%, Mt. St. Jo was 96%, Good Sam was 79%, Miami was 91%, Christ was 86%, UC - RWC was 92%, UC - BSN - 87%, Hondros was 81%, Christ was 86%.

    Galen,Hondros,Fortis (Bohecker) and Brown Mackie are for-profit schools. Their credits will not transfer if you wish to obtain your BSN. You will be stuck going to another expensive for profit school for your BSN or retake gen ed courses.

    There are a ton of new grad RN's without jobs, so many employers are requesting nurses have a BSN as a way of weeding out applicants. So please don't shoot yourself in the foot by taking on a ton of debt for credits that hinder further education.

    Fortis has been kicked out the hospitals for clinical, they only do them in nursing homes. I believe their accreditation is under review as well.

    Miami (BSN) does not have a waitlist either. It is 3 years to complete when you are accepted. 1 year of pre-reqs. Miami is by far the most affordable BSN program. Christ and Miami have high standards for their applicants.

    I've also heard that Butler Tech is getting an RN program. Don't know any details.

    Cstate's waitlist is roughly 2 years, though people have waited less. I haven't heard of anyone waiting 3 years at Cstate or Raymond Walters. RWC wait list is also 2 years. I've also heard Good Sam's is roughly 1 year.
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  5. by   Tim92
    Thank you both very much for all of your help!
  6. by   HDHRN
    Not true about Hondros credits not transferring. OU, UC and Indiana Weslyn takes their credits.
  7. by   LPNtoRNin2016OH
    UC Blue Ash! I attend their LPN to RN bridge program. It's GPA based entry as well so no wait list.

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