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I just found out that I was accepted into the LorainCCC access lpn-rn program! Only problem is there are only five applicants!!!!!!!! This program is partially online and a little slower pace so people can still work. Anyone... Read More

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    Oops sorry I'm answering on my phone and couldn't see the whole screen, that was someone else who said they were accepted.
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    Quote from Lee J A
    Does the LPN to Rn program only start in Fall? I am really interested because with all the on-line classes I can still work. I just applied at Tri-C and I can't start the LCCC program until I finish A&P and Micro this semester. I took Chem 1&2 already and all the psychs... so if they have a program in spring I may apply.
    It starts in the fall and summer, no spring start. I didn't like that tri-c's program is only available at the Eastern campus and I was told I wouldn't be able to start until 2012 and I have all my classes done except that I would have had to retake micro b/c it was 7+ yrs ago that I took it. I can't remember which semester. I was hoping to go to the new Westshore campus... But no. Good luck.
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    Thanks ...I will give them a call maybe??? I could just finish these prereqs and start summer or go to Tri-C's program which starts in spring. I wanted to go to the Westshore campus too...maybe they will start a second program for the West siders?
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    Someone asked what bio121 is - it's A&P 1.
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    Could anyone give a synopsis of what NURS 101 is about? I am looking to enter the program in May or August and I am so over MATH. I struggled to get algebra and statistics behind me. I'm hoping Ive paid my dues, and wont get hit with more "nursing math" since I don't have to take NURS 114-128...

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