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Accelerated BSN program, Mount Carmel vs. Capital

  1. 0 Hello! I am applying to accelerated BSN programs and am in the midst of taking my pre requistites. I was wondering if anyone who has attended either school can give any insight, What are the hours of a typical day? How many hours outside of school are you studying? etc etc
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    Hi rk! I'm currently in the mount Carmel SDAP program and I love t! I'm in class or lab 8-5 almost every day for now, that'll change when I start clinicals in a couple months. As far as working, there's no way. Some people have tested out of classes and have more time or work on the weekends, but I couldn't do it!
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    Hi Jamisaurus, I was hoping you could answer a question for me. When you applied last year approximately when did you hear back regarding admissions decision? Thanks!!
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    If I recall correctly, the application deadline was somewhere in February. I believe I had the interview sometime in may and found out whether I was accepted towards the end of July.
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    The application period is actually Feb 1- May 31 this year

    I am taking pre reqs now, going to apply to both programs and hope for the best! I am currently a stay at home mom so either one I end up in I will not be working!

    How many hours a day take home work are you doing? How will your schedule change once clinicals start?

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    Best of luck! I'm honestly not doing a lot of take home work, but it depends on the person. Some people are studying a lot and some people are studying only a little bit. It just depends on how much you personally need to retain information. When I start clinicals they'll be 7-5 and get more into the application setting and get away from the classroom. Almost all of the SDAP cohort last year have jobs... Keep that in mind when choosing between mount Carmel and capital!
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    The one plus to Mt Carmel is that they are affiliated with a hospital where Capital is not. That being said, both are excellent schools with an excellent reputation. Capital is a little longer so it's a little less intense.
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    That is great to hear jami! I know the percentage that pass the NCLEX out of the SDAP is extremely high as well...I love Mount Carmel, had my children there and my mom worked there for years.

    Heartnursing--The time frame is an area I am struggling trying to determine which would be better, Capital which is longer but less intensive, or Mount Carmel's which is shorter but 5 days a wk vs. 4.

    I have three children 4 and under so part of me says it would be better to be at Capital where I will still be home with them 3 days a week.

    I am going to info sessions at both colleges over the next couple months so hopefully one speaks to me over the other!

    This is all assuming I can get into either program!!! My grades in college were good and I am doing well so far with pre requisites, but I know how few people get in...SO I have been praying Want this so bad!
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    Looks like you got in! Congrats! I posted on another feed about the wait list. Can you provide any insight on the interview? Thanks!
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    Yes!! that would be great information to know!! Good luck MissPickleJean!!