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I'm a RN on a surgical-trauma unit with a little over one year experience. I would eventually like to become an OHN. What kind of experience would be best to eventually get into this field and how many years experience are... Read More

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    Hi Johno here. Occupational Health Nursing is the same the world over, with eight years at the job, with my basis being burns, major injuoes and e.r. I found one of my major assetts was my Psychi training. Occupational health has many aspects and each company will vary on their needs. Engineering, pressings, large printing complex, or admin site will all have their peculiarities. You may need the hours to qualify but you will be forever learning if you join the throng. Frequently there is no doctor on the spot, and the call will be yours. Havoing delat with heart attacks, strokes, tia's major and minor trauma, councelling the bereaved, and also work colleagues of suddenly departed mate, perhaps on the works floor, you will need resilliance and an ability to climb over the immediate, to quickly let it become the past. With liability in mind good and effective record keeping will be essential, as will your powers of detection. for all accidents have a cause and by consideration the same thing may be prevented from happening again. Please make sure you are fit, I have had to climb in and out of chemical treatment tanks, carrying an unconscous person. resuscitating someone in the works gateway was also another un expected experience. but if you are mentally stable, fit, good level of nursing and medical knowledge go for it , and every good wish.
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