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I am applying to the online MSN in Occupational Health Nursing at the University of Iowa. The problem is that I was told that if they do not get enough applicants, they may discontinue the program! ... Read More

  1. by   SunDazed

    Hey lynnR, checking in on your progress. How was your first semester at UI?

    I sent in my app packet for 2011. You were def right that I would have to go full time the 1st year. It seems like I could do part time after that to pace it out. Do you remember when you first heard back from the school after the application deadline?

    Were the assignments more or less what you thought they would be as far as time commitment and content? One year underwater is do-able? Who needs to breathe?

    Happy holidays. Enjoy the break. Looking forward to hearing form you.

  2. by   lynnr_98
    Hi SunDazed!

    I'm just about done with this semester....I have my last final this coming Tuesday. It was definitely challenging working full-time and going to school full-time but was doable, although there were times I was so overwhelmed that I thought about quitting. Then I would remind myself that the other students aren't really smarter than me, they just persevere so I decided to stick it out.

    I had changed jobs twice since the semester started so that didn't make things easier but I managed to make it through. I think the hardest part for me was the Nursing Informatics course I had to take along with the Occ Health courses. The informatics course was a lot of work...many assignments (most of them group assignments), discussion boards to post to, etc. It felt like I never could catch up in that class but I finally completed everything yesterday! The Occ Health courses weren't too bad; a lot of reading, a couple of papers along with posting to the discussion boards. For practicum, you have to keep a log of your hours (you need 100) and what you've learned in relation to your objectives. I was able to use my latest job as my practicum site so that helped a lot. Others in the class did their rotations at a variety of facilities in IA.

    Looking back over my paperwork, it looks like I applied at the end of August 2009 and received my acceptance letter in mid-December 2009. If they follow the same timeline this year, you should hear by the end of the month. Let me know when you hear from them...I'm crossing my fingers you get in. I flew to Iowa in August 2010 for the orientation and to sign the paperwork for the grant. I'm not sure if I'll have to go back again this coming August but if I do and you get in also, I'll see you there! Keep me posted!
  3. by   sanz.ian

    speaking of online post-grad degrees, can citizens outside USA (including those not residing, like me) apply or enroll? i want to take up my masters degree thru online coz i'm working and have no time going to school everyday..if it is possible, what are the requirements and how will be the process..
    i appreciate comments..

  4. by   lynnr_98

    If I recall correctly, in order to get the NIOSH grant, you have to be a US citizen. I believe you can still apply and attend the school but wouldn't qualify for the grant.
  5. by   SunDazed
    Hey there lynnr_98!

    I just wanted to say hi. I was accepted into the OHN program for Fall 2011, but declined. I was worried about going full time and working full time and doing a clinical. The fact that your job counted as your clinical experience was probably a game saver for you. Even if you did have the stress of changing jobs so much in one semester.

    Anyway, I am happy with my decision. I hope your second semester is going well. It really was daunting that everything was fixed for one year. On some level it felt as if it was an all or nothing deal, sink or swim... or any other appropriate metaphor. If I had previous occupational health experience it might have helped me feel more comfortable. It still may be my path at some other time in some other place.

    Best of luck to you. Thanks for all your responses.
  6. by   lynnr_98
    Hi SunDazed!

    It's probably best that you declined. President Obama's budget cuts end all financial support for the ERCs so tuition will not be paid by NIOSH next year. I'm really bummed that I'll have to pay for it myself but am grateful that the first year was paid for by them.

    This semester I did my practicum at Knott's Berry Farm which has been very challenging with working full time but my boss has been supportive. I'll be glad when this semester is over in May....I'll have the whole summer off. Next year it will be just 2 classes each semester so will be more manageable.

    Just do whatever is best for you and your situation. You don't want to be stressed out going full-time and working full-time and don't want to end up owing a ton of student loan debt. Hopefully the right program will be there for you when you're ready!